E3 2013: Update to Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + this summer

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pac-man championship edition dx +
I was pretty surprised to see Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + at Namco Bandai’s E3 2013 booth. I mean, initially, I thought it was just Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Then, I looked a little closer, saw the “+” symbol, and decided to go ahead and give it a try to see what was different. I mean, you don’t see an old game suddenly reappear, with a plus added onto it no less, for no reason.

A Namco Bandai representative soon came by to inform me that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + is an updated version of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX the game will be receiving a patch this year that will slightly improve the game. It doesn’t adjust the game’s balance or add any additional modes though. No, instead it just tweaks the leaderboards and allows Namco Bandai to add DLC to the game.

The DLC are new map skins. These don’t change the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + gameplay in any way. You still play as Pac-Man, running around a shifting board, collecting pellets and food icons while avoiding ghosts and having a ghost train follow behind you. Well, unless you get a power pellet, at which point it’s a ghost feeding frenzy.

Of course, using the term “Pac-Man” up there in regards to the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + map skins isn’t entirely accurate. The two available in the demo were Dig Dug and Rally X map skins. These changed the map and character icons to look like those from the iconic Namco Bandai games. So in Dig Dug, you control the Dig Dug and avoid/attack Pookas. In the Rally X map skin, which was the one I played for five minutes, players control a blue car and run from red ones.

It’s an interesting visual change, and I’m sure fans of classic Namco games will appreciate the new character choices. However, I found it disconcerting when I had the Rally X design option enabled. I’m sure it’s something that would just take getting used to, but it felt odd to be playing Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + with Rally X sprites. I kept wanting to play it as a racer instead.

I wasn’t able to see the Leaderboard changes to Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + as I played, despite getting a respectable score of just over 1,285,000 points on the Expert difficulty level, but I was able to see two of the new DLC aspects in action.

A price wasn’t mentioned for the forthcoming Dig-Dug, Rally X and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures map skin DLC. Hopefully, they won’t be too expensive. I think something around $0.99 would work. Especially since it’s primarily a theme change. Keep an eye out for the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + free upgrade and DLC maps before fall 2013 ends. It will be available for PS3s, Xbox 360s and PCs.

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