E3 2013: The A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX demo beat me

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A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX beat me. It bested me at E3 2013. While I was visiting Aksys’ meeting room, I was able to try an array of games, and A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX was one of them. I was looking forward to the experience. As I don’t own an Xbox 360, I figured it would probably be my only chance to play the game. I did, and the game showed me who’s boss.

The A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX demo began with my controlling a character named Tauros on a station called Minos. It was a mining station, but the workers inside were being held hostage and evil doings were afoot. Though frankly, I questioned Tauros’ ability to handle the situation. It wasn’t because I was controlling him, but rather because some unknown force seemed to be tampering with his judgement and working to make him a killing machine.

A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX is a 2.5D run and gun game, along the lines of Mega Man. The visuals presented plenty of depth, while still tapping into some retro charm. Tauros had access to an assortment of weapons, each with different power levels, ranges and output types, which can be switched with the press of a button to ensure the right item is equipped. He also had the ability to briefly hover after a jump, making it easier to reach extra areas that may hold collectibles.

But enough about that, I know what you want. You want to hear about how A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX beat me. Fine, I understand. I take joy in hearing about others’ downfalls as well. Mine is particularly embarassing, so here we go.

I only got to the second A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX demo “room”. You know how, in games like this, there are rooms with various challenges. Well, the first “room” in the demo had a few enemies and jumps, but was mostly underwhelming. The second “room” was an auto-scrolling elevator shaft. Tauros walks in, the stage starts scrolling upwards and players have to dodge platforms and blocks until the elevator stops at the top of the screen. Except there’s one portion in the elevator I couldn’t pass. It was this one segment where it appeared there were obstacles across the entire screen. Seriously, it looked like there was one full bar of metal blocking the advance. The first time, I panicked and didn’t know what to do.

The second time, I still panicked, but realized there were tiny, barely distinguishable gaps where Tauros could stand and pass through this barrier unscathed.

The third time, I made it past this segment, but was so focused on getting past that I didn’t move out of the way of another platform in time.

The fourth and fifth times, I couldn’t get the positioning just right so Tauros could slip through the gap. It was then that I had to give up. I had other appointments and I couldn’t spend the rest of the day trying to beat A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX, no matter how much I would have wanted to.

If you’re looking forward to A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX, you won’t have a long wait. It’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade this summer. If you don’t have a Xbox 360, then you may be out of luck, as right now Extend Studio, ORiGO Games and Aksys only have the one version planned.

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