E3 2013: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is actually impressive

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final fantasy x hd remaster auron
I bought a PS2 for Final Fantasy X back in the day, so it should come as no surprise that I wanted to see what the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster looked like at E3 2013. I went in thinking it would be no big deal. That the game would just look a little better than I remembered, and that would be it. I was hoping for a Vita version on display, so I would have a better of how it would look on the platform I plan to acquire it for. Instead, I saw a surprisingly pretty, PS3 version to play.

The Final Fantasy X HD Remaster E3 2013 demo began at the beginning of the game. Tidus is a big blitzball (underwater soccer) player in Zanarkand, when his father’s friend Auron shows up. That’s when things go to hell. Auron’s arrival also marks the appearance of Sin, the big, bad entity of Final Fantasy X. Auron’s there to get Tidus out safe, so the two run along the darkened streets of the city while the huge Sin blob shoots off its deadly and sentient scales.

Zanarkand, Sin and our two heroes look fantastic in HD. Really, the screenshots for the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster do the game justice. Everything was crisp and clear, and looked far better than I ever remembered. There were no texture or framerate issues as I played, and everything just looked great. I didn’t really notice any difference in the audio performance, but the visuals were definitely improved.

final fantasy x hd remaster battle
However, I did notice one area in which Final Fantasy X HD Remaster didn’t look new and improved. The UI and menus still look pretty much exactly the way they did back in Final Fantasy X. I didn’t notice any tweaking to those. It’s a relatively minor issue, and one that could be adjusted and improved before the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster launch, but it didn’t look any different in the E3 2013 demo build.

One thing I did notice with the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster demo is that it made me remember how much I enjoyed the original game and its concept. Granted, Tidus will never be among my favorite Final Fantasy heroes, but Auron was as awesome as ever and as I played the game for 15 minutes at the event, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed it the first time around.

Square Enix still doesn’t have an exact release date for the PS3 and Vita versions of the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. Right now, it has a tentative 2013 release window. If you go for the PS3 version, you’ll get both games at once, but Vita owners will have to buy FFX and FFX-2 separately.

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