E3 2013: I actually enjoyed Beyblade Evolution

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beyblade evolutionWhat I am about to share with you all doesn’t leave this room, or rather internet. I pride myself on being a true gamer woman who enjoys the biggest, best and hardest challenges, but so help me I couldn’t help actually liking Beyblade Evolution at E3 2013. I was at a meeting, they had a demo on display and I couldn’t help myself. Curiousity got the better of me and I actually enjoyed playing it.

I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself, as I can tell you’ve developed an accute case of the giggles.

Allow me to explain. I made an appointment with Rising Star Games because I wanted to see Girls’ Fashion Shoot. I am a pretty, pretty princess at heart and had to. Beyblade Evolution was also on the table and when I heard it had a gyroscopic control option, curiousity got the better of me. What I saw next blew my mind.

Beyblade Evolution is a game based upon a series of toys called Beyblades. These are essentially battle tops. It’s not as big as it once was, but there are still competitions for the things and people get really into collecting and playing the game. Apparently, it’s experiencing a resurgence due to the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and Beyblade: Shogun Steel anime series, and the 3DS game not only has RPG elements and ties the series and games together, but is also the first to use real launcher mechanics.

beyblade evolutionThe real launcher mechanics is what I got to see and why I now actually want to own Beyblade Evolution. When players participate in a Beyblade Evolution battle, they can actually “launch” a top with the 3DS. This doesn’t mean aiming with the cameras and pressing the A button, though that is an option. However, you can also launch your Beyblades by violently thrusting the 3DS towards your face.

Things just got interesting.

As Beyblades are top, launching them means pulling back abruptly while aiming the 3DS toward a particular spot in the virtual arena. The visual effect looks like you’re trying to hurriedly smack either yourself, or someone standing directly behind you, perhaps over your shoulder, in the face. Either way works. Doing it fast enough means you’ll launch that virtual top of fury at your digital opponent with the strength of the gods. Let me tell you, I was amused when I saw someone else doing it to show me how to play Beyblade Evolution, but I was even more tickled when I got to try it myself.

Though it would seem like such a drastic move would sacrifice launching accuracy, I didn’t notice any detrimental effects during my four Beyblade Evolution demo matches. Perhaps it was just because I was enjoying myself, but it seemed to work quite well. It was a bit difficult applying boosts to the tops, since that means moving the 3DS again to center on the players top and tapping a button, but it was overall a very satisfying experience.

Rising Star Games is bringing Beyblade Evolution to the 3DS on October 29, 2013. A $29.99 standard edition and $39.99 collector’s edition with Wing Pegasus 90WF Beyblade will be available. Both will provide players the opportunity to not only look ridiculous in public, but possibly cause irreparable damage to noses if one isn’t careful when launching virtual Beyblades. Please play responsibly.

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