E3 2013: Taking down ‘deados’ in RIPD: The Game

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ripd movie gameRIPD is a supernatural action-adventure flick coming July 19 from Universal. It stars Ryan Reynolds as Detective Nick Walker, a hotshot cop who gets killed in the line of duty. As it turns out, death is only the beginning of his adventures. In the afterlife, his character learns about the Rest in Peace Department, supernatural cops who chase “deados.” They are souls too evil to stay dead. In this movie, the deado situation is so out of hand it threatens the world of the living. It’s up to Walker and his partner Roy Pulsipher ( Jeff Bridges) to save the day for those still alive. Yes, The Dude and Van Wilder are about to stave off the apocalypse. The movie is based on a popular comic from Dark Horse Entertainment.

It’s not a summer action blockbuster without a video game tie-in. Old School Games, the developer behind the frenetic God Mode, is doing an action shooter published by Atlus. Matthew Karch, president of Old School, said their shooter experience makes them the perfect developer to handle such a title.

I jumped into the fray at E3 yesterday and with help from an Atlus staffer, I showed those deados some supernatural justice. Characters can equip a primary and secondary weapons as well as a powerup purchased through in-game currency. I chose a powerup giving me more ammo each time I killed somebody – again.

Cruz and Pulsipher are a competitive pair, and the game recreates that with a betting system. Before each stage, you and your co-op partner can bet on things such as the most headshots or who can stay standing the longest. RIPD officers are “pretty durable” so death isn’t in play. Rather, you will have a limited time to complete missions. When you get downed, you can wait for a partner to revive you or just respawn. But if you choose the second option, you’ll lose mission time and be at risk of failing the encounter.

This looks like a fun diversion to enjoy with a buddy, particularly one that is a fan of the comic, movie or both. I could easily see my friends placing a bet against me and then making no effort to revive me. RIPD is downloadable and heading to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC July 16, just ahead of the July 19 release date for the movie.

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  • M. Neil

    I was in Boston in September 2011 when they were filming this movie and they had some streets closed off for action scenes. I saw them film a car chase scene. The movie trailer looks funny and exciting and I want to see how they used the city of Boston as the backdrop to most of the movie. People should check out the behind the scenes footage filmed in Boston at
    And a bonus…the movie is going to be in 3D and it will also have a game that ties into the plot of the movie. Love summer blockbusters!