E3 2013: Guillermo del Toro stops by to promote Pacific Rim

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pacific rimAt E3 2013, we learn about several of the games and movies that will entertain us this summer. Acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro stopped by the Qualcomm outdoor stage to present new footage from “Pacific Rim.” The movie pits giant alien monsters called Kaiju against giant robots called Jaegers. Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and one of del Toro’s favorite actors, Ron Perlman, star.

The director has often described himself as a big kid playing with some incredible toys. Now those toys are replicas of the world’s biggest cities, filled with robots, monsters and incredible battles. Since childhood, he’s been a fan of the Kaiju genre featuring giant monsters destroying cities. Godzilla is perhaps the most famous of these creatures.

“To have a movie where giant monsters can fight giant mecha 25 stories high was enough of a religious calling for me to embark on it,” he said. “We went at it and when you see the movie, we are trying to present you with vistas and action and scenes that no one has ever seen before.”

The mind that created “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Hellboy” is the man for that job. Pacific Rim’s tagline is “Go Big Or Go Extinct,” and del Toro worked with Industrial Light and Magic to bring that scale to the screen.

“The fight scenes are literally out of this world,” he said. “One of them, which is called the Battle for Hong Kong, begins in the ocean and ends in the fringes of outer space.”

These battles are the kinds of things video games are made of. There’s a game tie-in for this flick from Reliance Games, publisher and developer of lermgames including Real Steel, Total Recall and F1 2011. In line with recent trends, it’s a mobile game. It is coming to iOS and Android devices later this summer. Through a campaign mode, players build lethal combos, unlocking new technology and weapons along the way. In survival mode, take your upgraded Jaeger and see how many of the alien Kaiju menaces you can take down.

“Pacific Rim” opens July 12, 2013, the game is slated to release this summer.

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