E3 2013: Meet my Skylanders Swap Force E3 team

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skylanders swap force hoot loopGet ready to meet the cast of Skylanders Swap Force from E3 2013! Okay, I’m not at E3 anymore, but you have to understand – when you play over 35 games in a three day period, you’re going to need about a week to write about all of them. I was going to do one big story on Skylanders Swap Force, since I sat through a demonstation and discussion with Activision and Vicarious Visions and played the demo, but decided let’s break this up. So first, we’ll go through the new Skylanders Swap Force characters that were announced at E3. Then, I’ll tell you what the demo experience was like and what I learned about the game.

So, let me introduce you to the cast of characters I was working with during the Skylanders Swap Force presentation and at the game demo station. I’m going to go in the order I had seen and used them, and not by favorite/alphabetical. Of course, if it was by favorite, Night Shift would still be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of Blast Zone and Hoot Loop with Wash Buckler’s tentacles, due to a camera malfunction, but we’ll adjust.

Here’s the list of E3 2013 exclusive Skylanders Swap Force characters. Note that I didn’t see any returning characters during either the demonstration or at the game demo stations, but there will be 16 returning Skylanders and Skylanders Giants characters with new figures.
skylander swap force blast zone

  • Night Shift – He’s an undead, elf Skylander and Swap Force character. He’s also a vampire boxer. His upper half has boxing attacks, and his lower half teleportation attacks. I love him.
  • Free Ranger – He is a wind, chicken Skylander and Swap Force character. They kept refering to him as a storm chicken. His upper half had lightning attacks, and his lower half could turn into a tornado.
  • Freeze Blade – He is a water, troll Skylander and Swap Force character. He’s also a figure skater. His upper half throughs ice chakrams, and his lower half can create ice patches on which he can skate super fast.
  • Star Strike – She is a magic character and it’s impossible to tell her race due to a cloak that covers her whole body. She’s a Lightcore character and, since I only saw her during the demonstration, I couldn’t tell you what kinds of attacks she uses.
  • Blast Zone – He is a robot tech Skylander and Swap Force character. Again, I only saw him during the demonstration and didn’t get to see his special attacks or abilities.
  • Stink Bomb – He is a nature, skunk Skylander and Swap Force character. He’s also a ninja. His upper half throws shuriken, while his lower half allows him to disappear into a cloud of his own stench, rendering him invisible.
  • Hoot Loop – He is a magic, owl Skylander and Swap Force character. He’s also a magician. His upper half can hypnotise and throw boomerangs, while the lower half teleports.
  • Roller Brawl – She is a undead, elf skylander and standard character. She’s also a roller derby girl. She has claw attacks and also can send out the wheels from her roller blades to attack enemies.
  • Wash Buckler – He is the water, octopus Skylander and Swap Force character. He happens to be a pirate as well. I’m unsure about his upper half abilities, as my demo station attendant borrowed his lower half from another station for one of my characters so I could access a special Swap Force area in Skylanders Swap Force.
  • Grim Creaper – He is an undead, mystery Skylander and Lightcore character. He has a scythe, which he can throw, or can send his spirit/essence out of his body to attack characters.

Of the characters I used during the Skylanders Swap Force, I have to say the new undead characters were the best. I’m a big fan of Night Shift, Roller Brawl and Grim Creaper. Considering there are 16 new Swap Force characters and 16 new regular characters, in addition to the 16 returning characters, I’d say I met a decent chunk of the cast. However, Activision didn’t know yet if any of the above characters would prove to be “rare,” like Hot Dog or Wham Shell.

If you buy Skylanders Swap Force when it comes out on October 13, 2013, you’ll have to pay $74.99 for the game. That gets you Skylanders Swap Force, the new portal, Wash Buckler, Blast Zone and the new version of Stealth Elf.

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