E3 2013: Respawn Entertainment shocks us with Titanfall

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TitanfallVince Zampella and Jason West showed us they haven’t lost their touch at E3 2013. After a less than amicable split with Activision and Infinity Ward, the pair formed Respawn Entertainment. Providing the funding is Electronic Arts, who has been trying to slay Call of Duty for years now. Can West and Zampella stop the juggernaut they created? Titanfall looks good enough to give them a shot. It is a futuristic shooter than includes 24-foot mechs and pilots, who serve as mobile infantry.

Respawn wanted a game in which new players can last a little longer as they learn the ropes. The ability to take control of Titans allows players more time on the battlefield. Fighting is fun, dying repeatedly is not.

The mechs obviously have ridiculous strength and firepower, but the ground troops can still take them down with good tactics and teamwork. Pilots carry a rocket launcher that does high damage, or they leap onto a Titan and destroy the computer inside it. Troops can ride the back of friendly Titans. There are a large number of possibilities here.


Titanfall is an Xbox One exclusive, which is great news for Microsoft. Because the PlayStation 4 is cheaper, doesn’t require an Internet connection and allows easy sharing of games, with friends, most gamers are saying Sony won E3 2013. The battle between these two consoles may come down to the strength of their exclusive games.  Xbox consoles are already the exclusive home of the Halo and Gears of War franchises. Call of Duty’s new maps will still appear first on the Xbox One. This just in, the 18 to 34-year-old male demographic loves shooters. Victory on that front served Microsoft well with the Xbox 360. A game that is essentially Call of Duty with giant robots in it puts them in a good position to do the same here.

Besides which, this game looks really fun to play. If there’s a negative, it is that Titanfall is multiplayer-only. That said, I have countless friends with hundreds of hours into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and its predecessors that never bothered to play the campaign. Fewer and fewer players are buying shooters with the single-player modes in mind.

Titanfall is coming to the Xbox One in 2014.

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