What to do if PS3 firmware 4.45 left you with a bricked PS3

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A cry of anguish has been going out over the internet since the night of June 18, 2013. Sony released PS3 firmware update 4.45. As is usual with an update, legions of PS3 owners downloaded it and found that after the update, they now each owned a shiny, bricked PS3. The systems, whether they had replaced or stock HDDs, were unable to move onto the XMBs after start-up, locked on the wavy-lined loading screen. If you had a hard drive under 500GB, you should have been okay after updating, but it is not yet known the extent of the damage to the systems

The question is, what happens next. For starters, don’t panic and don’t blame yourselves. It is very rare for this to happen, though it sometimes does, and you aren’t alone. Since it is impossible to actually turn off a bricked PS3 suffering after firmware update 4.45, it’s best to unplug the system and just leave it for now. Your next course of action would be to bookmark two PlayStation Community Forum threads. The first is one made by a fellow user, named JadeTreeInWind that is pretty much the gathering place for people who now have a bricked PS3. You can leave a message there, to report your issue, and read to see if there are any updates.

The second PlayStation Community Forum thread to bookmark is one made by Digital Platforms Community Manager Morgan Haro. It will contain all updates to the issue in this thread and already has a sample Q&A with seven questions about the status at the moment. The answers aren’t terribly helpful at the moment, and simply say that Sony is aware of the problem, trying to find out what went wrong and will be announce a solution when the investigation has concluded.

You should also bookmark the PlayStation Support webpage. While Sony isn’t able to provide answers on what to do next yet and the technical support people don’t have enough information on the issue to properly assist people who call in or take part in a Live Chat session, however this would mean you’ll have an easier time of finding the right phone number or Online Service Request information should the remedy involve actually calling in or sending your PS3 back to Sony.

Most importantly, you should be prepared for possibly entering the PS3 Safe Mode to fix your bricked PS3. All PS3s with firmware 2.60 or later have the ability to enter Safe Mode to fix everything. Sony even offers a detailed guide to entering and using Safe Mode to fix certain PS3 problems. The only issue with this kind of repair is, some data could be lost during the repair. However, if Sony is able to find out what’s wrong, all that could be needed with a Safe Mode to repair firmware 4.45 issues is an additional System Update done via new firmware inserted on a USB flash drive.

If you are affected by the PS3 firmware 4.45 safe issue, I wish you the best. Take solace in the fact that Sony knows there is a problem and that it is their fault, which means any repairs should hopefully be completed at no cost to you. Just try and remain patient and calm, as difficult as that is, and hope for a resolution soon. For those who weren’t affected, but have been reading this to find out what happened, know that it is safe to turn on and use your PS3s now. Sony has pulled this update temporarily, so you run no risk of your PS3 being updated to firmware 4.45.

Site [PS3 Safe Mode Information]

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