Your PS3 will get un-bricked on June 27

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PS3 SlimThis week’s PS3 firmware update version 4.45 was a disaster. Many people downloaded and installed the update only to find it had done their console more harm than good. The consoles of users who swapped out the stock PS3 hard drive for another with 500GB of storage or larger would not load the XMB after the update was applied. Essentially, their PS3s are useless at this point. Fortunately, Sony identified the problem and will issue a fix on June 27.

The following quote ia from the official PlayStation Europe Twitter account.

“Hi guys, we have identified the issue related to PS3 software update (4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week. A new system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue.”

This update will need to be applied by everyone. If you managed to update to 4.45 without any problems, you’ll still have to download the newest update. Sony will provide details on how to apply the new update once it’s available.

Sony never explained exactly what caused the update to harm consoles. For security reasons, it likely never will. Sony also hasn’t mentioned any intentions to compensate users who were affected by this downtime.

Source [PlayStation Twitter]

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