OZombie is a tale of conformity, freedom and an evil Scarecrow

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Spicy Horse Games returned to Kickstarter yesterday to begin crowdfunding its latest game called OZombie. Spicy Horse, who most recently used Kickstarter to fund Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, is looking for $950,000 in pledges over the next 41 days. OZombie was one of two possible games Spicy Horse was going to attempt to crowdfund. The other game was Alice: Otherlands. The development of Alice: Otherlands was dependent on a licensing agreement with Electronic Arts. Since those talks seemingly fell through, OZombie was the winner by default.

OZombie takes place in a Steampunk-inspired land of OZ where the Scarecrow has created an army of zombies. Dorothy will team up with Tin Woodsman and Lion to stop Scarecrow’s zombies, but there’s an interesting twist to the plot. The zombies in the game aren’t technically the zombies we’ve come to expect in video games.

The zombies in this game aren’t the shambling, flesh eating monsters they’re usually depicted as. Scarecrow created a societal infection that controls the mind more than the body. He convinced the land of OZ that things such as imagination and creativity are bad things. He believes the only way to live is through mundane, predicable and repetitive tasks that everyone performs. He’s essentially a dictator that demands no one use their own brain. Dorothy is like a liberator. She’s arrives in the real land of OZ (it’s not a dream) after escaping her own society which is falling apart at the seams. She’ll have to find the last citizens of OZ who aren’t under Scarecrow’s control and convince them to join the crusade against conformity.

OZombie is primarily a single-player game. You’ll be able to explore all four countries in OZ. However, there will also be a multiplayer mode that can be unlocked after finishing the main game. Details are scarce about the multiplayer mode, but it will include quests, guilds and PVP.

If funded, OZombie will be initially released on Windows, Mac, Linus and “large screen mobile devices.” The delivery of the single-player portion is expected by March 2015.

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