Layton Brothers Mystery Room is now in English

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layton brothers mystery room
I have a good news, bad news situation for all of you. The good news is, a spin-off based on a famous DS and 3DS series is being released in English for iOS owners. The bad news is, it’s Layton Brothers Mystery Room, an iOS game that’s only very loosely affiliated with the Professor Layton series and is really more similar to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series in terms of tone and gameplay. I’d still say we can declare this a definite “win” though, because it’s made by Level-5 and looks to be pretty high quality.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room stars Professor Layton’s son, Alfendi Layton. He’s an Inspector with Scotland Yard that works with Detective Constable Lucy Baker to solve various mysteries. Once he is assigned a case, he has to explore an area to find evidence, explore the items he’s found, talk to witnesses, and try to find out the hidden truth. Once he discovers the discrepencies, he uses the information to nail down the suspect who commited the crime and solve the case.

There’s a Layton Brothers Mystery Room trailer available. Be forewarned, it involves murder investigations. So there is some blood.

Seeing that leaves me disappointed, because this is an iOS exclusive. I really wish this was also coming to the 3DS, Wii U or, at the very least, Android devices!

Now, as is often the case with iOS games, Layton Brothers Mystery Room is free to a point. You get the cases “The Hand Sandwich” and “The Bungled Burglary” for free. That’s 001 and 002. Cases 003-006 are $2.99 and cases 007-009 are $1.99. Which means the full game is actually $4.98. Not a bad deal, when you think about all you’re getting. At the very least, you can see the first few cases and get a good feel of what Layton Brothers Mystery Room is all about without paying a thing.

Product Page [iTunes] Site [Layton Brothers Mystery Room]

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