State of Decay title update #2 is now available for download

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State of Decay

It looks like the certification process for the second update for State of Decay went off without a hitch. The update is now available to download on Xbox Live. It brings a ton of fixes and V-sync support to eliminate screen tearing. One of the most important fixes deals with the infestation bug and playable characters being killed by the game’s simulation. 

The last title update was deemed mostly ineffective because it wasn’t applying after being downloaded. That issue has supposedly been fixed this time around. The infestation bug should also be eliminated as well. Jeff Strain from Undead Labs admitted “the infestation behavior was absolutely, unquestionably a poor design choice.” This showing of brutal honesty is the kind of thing that has earned Undead Labs much forgiveness and support from the community.

Have you noticed any bugs or glitches in this update that haven’t been fixed?

Source [Undead Labs Forums]

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