Target Skylanders Swap Force pre-orders include magic cards

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skylanders swap force wiiActivision is trying to sweeten the Skylanders Swap Force pot. The game is coming out on October 13, 2013, and it wants to be sure people put money down and commit to a copy. Apparently, a free Light-Core Hex series 3 figure for people may not have been incentive enough. So ensure people go ahead and decide to buy this $74.99 game for their 3DS, PS3, Wii, Wii U or Xbox 360, they’re also giving people who grab it at Target some magic cards.

What are magic cards? They’re a new item for Skylanders Swap Force. If people place these on the Portal of Power while playing the game, they will unlock an in-game upgrade. Details about said cards are rather scant though. We know they exist and we know how they work, but we don’t know what kind of upgrades they will offer, how many people who pre-order the game from Target will get, when they will be available for general people to buy and how much they will cost. The basic message is, if you’re so curious about magic cards, you should probably pre-order Skylanders Swap Force from Target so you’re guaranteed to get some.

I was able to see and play Skylanders Swap Force at E3 2013 and I was really impressed. The game is a definite improvement over Skylanders and Skylanders Giants so far. I like the improved visuals, new characters and swapping mechanic.

I’m not saying that my experience and all these new incentives mean I’m planning to pre-order it. I doubt I will because I already have a Hex figure from the original Skylanders game. However, I am impressed enough to add it to my birthday wishlist and hope somebody loves me enough to buy it for me.

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