Important Importables Review: Pokemon Best Wishes plush

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Product: Pokemon: Best Wishes Plushies
Price: $8-$20
Pros: Very detailed, soft, good size for the money and wide assortment of Pokemon species available.
Cons: Ball chain keychain is flimsy and some are a bit “too” big to be keychains. Hard to find certain pokemon

I have discovered the cutest Pokemon plushes ever. Really, they’re the cutest critters ever. Most importantly, the line I’ve found has a number of very important, special features. They’re detailed, soft and keychains. They’re the Pokemon: Best Wishes toys!

pokemon best wishes plush cinccino cottonee lilligant

Pokemon: Best Wishes?

Pokemon: Best Wishes is season four of the Pokemon anime series, and is inspired by Pokemon Black and White. Which means it’s all about Ash having adventures with the pokemon from that generation and meeting the good and bad guys from that series. For example, Iris is his traveling companion.

The Pokemon: Best Wishes plush keychains are the tie-ins to this series. Imported from Japan, they are replicas of practically every pokemon found in Pokemon Black and White. Each one is a highly detailed, mock up of an existing pokemon, with a ball chain keychain on its head or back. They’re probably the most intricate of any Pokemon toy I’ve ever seen, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for affordably priced variations.

pokemon best wishes plush cinccino

The pitfalls of catching plush pokemon

The thing that will stun people first coming across Pokemon: Best Wishes keychains is the price. Some people are asking as much as $20 for one character. The price could even go higher. That’s normal. They’re typically priced according to rarity and the harder a pokemon is to find, the more money it’s going to cost you. Not to mention, more detailed pokemon will be more expensive. For example, my Cottonee was $8, but I had to pay $12.99 for my Cinccino. I’ve found Anime Jungle is one of the more reasonable retailers, when it comes to price, though you can sometimes find a great deal on Amazon as well.

Fortunately, you get what you pay for, as the Pokemon: Best Wishes plushes are incredibly detailed. They’re perfect replicas of their in-game counterparts. I’m especially impressed by Lilligant and Cinccino, which are larger and more intricate characters. Lilligant’s crown, dress and leaves are all perfectly placed, and Cinccino’s tail and fur and wrapped around it perfectly. They’re quite accurate and lovely.

Of course, this detail calls their practicality as keychains into questions. They aren’t really made for your keys or bags. Granted, I did use Cottonee as a keychain for three weeks and was pleased to see he never faded, lost his ears or even got dirty. Part of that was probably my own efforts. Still, I found the characters were too large and pretty to put to actual use. And, when it came to a smaller one like Cottonee that I would be willing to “sacrifice” as a purse decoration, I still worried. After about two and a half weeks, the plastic ball-chain keychain came unhooked one day and I nearly lost him. (Fortunately, it happened when I was in my car.)

No, these little precious-es are not meant for actual labor. The Pokemon: Best Wishes keychains are best left as decorations. Put them on a shelf, leave them on a desk, or just have them somewhere where seeing them will brighten your day and show you’re a pokemon trainer at heart.

pokemon best wishes plush liligant

Build your own Poke-plush army, but don’t take them outside.

While you’re at the San Diego Comic-Con, or any con or gaming store, you may come across a Pokemon: Best Wishes plush. If you do, and you see your favorite pokemon, I urge you to pick it up. These toys may fall short as an actual keychain, but are a perfect way to display your love for Pokemon in your home or office. Each keychain is well-made and utterly adorable, and the only real downside is the price. Even then, people willing to do a little internet sleuthing or bargaining could probably get away with paying $8-$12 per plush.

A word of warning. If there is a Pokemon: Best Wishes toy you really want, go for it. I missed out on a chance to get a Whimsicott at one toy convention this past summer. It was the place where I learned about these toys, to be honest. The woman wanted $12 for it, all I had left was $8, and the fact that I had already spent about $30 on pokemon at her booth wasn’t swaying her. So I abandoned it for a cheaper Cubchoo. I came home to find Whimsicott is one of the rarest Pokemon: Best Wishes plush of them all, and haven’t been able to find one anywhere.

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