Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team adds chemistry, playoff system

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Madden nfl 25 Ultimate TeamMadden NFL’s Ultimate Team combines card collecting with elements of fantasy football for an addictive mix. You chase down cards for your favorite football superstars, as well as the guys who will hold their place until you get the good ones. Better players are rarer cards, obviously, so you have to work harder to get those.

EA has revealed some new details about how the mode will evolve in Madden NFL 25. It’s not enough to just put a great lineup of high-priced players on the field, as the Washington Redskins would gladly tell you. A winning team is composed of guys that play well together, even if they are not all Pro Bowlers. That’s where chemistry comes in. In previous Ultimate Team versions, that might mean they went to the same college or played for the same pro team. Madden 25 is going deeper. This UT will have four different offensive and defensive styles. Players with the same style will play better together.

Previously the only multiplayer action in the mode was random quick matches or inviting friends. In Madden 25, you can take your squad through a 10-game regular season ending in an eight team playoff. There are eight levels of competition, with better rewards for each tier. That’s what I’m talking about, EA. This seems like a lot more fun than playing against the computer.

The Best Lineup feature is getting a much needed overhaul. I’m a pretty big stat geek, and even I found it tedious to rearrange my team before I could accept a play invite. EA is promising it will be much simpler to hit a button and have the game select your team’s most powerful squad. It will take the players on your reserve squad into account too.

Madden NFL 25 is coming August 27 to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will be a launch title for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. Right now we’re hearing the price will be $59.99 for current gen and next gen. Are you as ready for football as I am?

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