Do a barrel roll with Club Nintendo’s July 2013 rewards

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star fox 64 club nintendoNintendo may not have PlayStation Plus freebies to look forward to every month, but Club Nintendo is always good for an update. Each month, North American Club Nintendo members get featured game downloads that they can call dibs on, provided they’ve earned enough “coins.” Since it’s July 2, 2013, the available games have cycled through and we have 2 new 3DS and 2 new Wii games to peruse. As you can guess from this article’s title, we got Star Fox!

To be more specific, Star Fox 64 is joining the available Club Nintendo rewards for July, 2013. For 200 coins, you get a code you can redeem either on your Wii, or via your Wii U’s virtual Wii interface. Super Punch-Out!! is also available for Wii and Wii U owners, and it will only cost you 150 coins.

The 3DS Club Nintendo game downloads this month are a bit more affordable at 100 coins each. People can call dibs on the Game Boy Virtual Console version of Donkey Kong. It’s a remake/reimagining of the original game with new levels and boss battles, and is frankly pretty cool. The other freebie is Aura-Aura Climber, a game where players help a star regain its proper place in the sky by flinging him higher and higher. I’m actually planning on grabbing Donkey Kong, even though I have the original Game Boy game, just because it’s so much fun and I have the coins to spare.

Unfortunately, no new products have been added to the Club Nintendo catalog yet this month. In fact, the Princess Peach & Mario notebook, Boo notebook, Super Mario shoelaces, Mario poster set, Hanafuda cards and Game & Watch: Ball game are all temporarily sold out. Now I’m glad I grabbed those shoelaces last month! (They’re precious, and far too cute to ever use.) Hopefully we’ll see some new items or a restock soon!

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