Ubisoft got hacked, change your passwords now

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Ubisoft-LogoUbisoft was the unfortunate victim of a recent successful hacking attempt. The company revealed on its blog today that one of its websites was accessed illegally through stolen credentials. The hackers made off with data including user names, encrypted passwords and email addresses. Fortunately, like a lot of these kinds of hacks, financial data was not stolen because Ubisoft does not store that kind of information. However, since encrypted passwords were stolen, Ubisoft recommends everyone reset their passwords as soon as possible.

Users are also encouraged to change the password of from any of their other online accounts that may have been identical to the password that was stolen. This is certainly not the first time a video game company has had data stolen from them. Following the PSN hack in 2011, a wave of website hacks followed. So while it’s sad to say we’re getting used to this kind of thing, it doesn’t make it any less serious.

It’s also worth mentioning that the hack did not occur through Uplay. Ubisoft won’t go into details for security reasons, but did not “the intrusion targeted some of our online systems.” Uplay is still online, and Ubisoft’s online infrastructure for games was not impacted by the security breach.

Source [Ubisoft Blog]

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