Let’s rate the Anime Expo 2013 game announcements

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Did you notice every gamer on the internet erupting joy earlier today? There’s a reason for it – Anime Expo 2013. I know, Anime Expo doesn’t seem like a cause for celebration for gamers, but bear with me. See, video game companies stop by this convention as well. It’s typically the time they announce major Japanese-to-English releases. Naturally, this year was no different.

This year, there were five major Anime Expo announcements from Namco Bandai, NIS America, Aksys and JAST USA. They’re all equally awesome, but I still say it’s easy to go through and decide which is the most or least exciting of the bunch. So, let’s go ahead and look over what we’re getting and how excited we should be.

dangan ronpa anime expo
Dangan-Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
System: Vita
Release Date: 2014
Description: 15 students find themselves at Hope’s Peak Academy, a unusual school where only murderers can graduate. The trick is, Monokuma the bear says they can only get out if they pull it out without getting caught. Find out the truth and work towards an escape.
How Excited Should We Be? It depends. If this is part one of the Dangan-Ronpa 1&2 Reload Vita remake, then we should be ridiculously, crazy happy that we’re getting this adventure thriller. If it’s the PSP version, Dangan-Ronpa, then we should still be crazy happy. I’d say this game gets a 9/10 on the hype meter.

demon gaze anime expo
Demon Gaze
System: Vita
Release Date: 2014
Description: Oz is a Demon Gazer, which means he has the ability to capture and summon demons. He’s going to put that to good use, exploring the dungeons around Misred, searching for treasure to build a name for himself, while also finding out the truth about his shadowy past.
How Excited Should We Be? Vita owners should be quite excited about this dungeon-crawling RPG. It ended up selling out in Japan and being a bit hit! If you’re a Vita owner, it deserves a 7/10, hype-wise. Any other gamers, 3/10.

sorcery saga anime expo
Sorcery Saga
System: Vita
Release Date: 2014
Description: Pupuru is a magic academy student, who ends up expelled because she finds a curry recipe book and mascot character during her final exam instead of the relic she was supposed to get. So now she’s dungeon crawling to get legendary ingredients for the famous Mado-Curry to save a local curry restaurant.
How Excited Should We Be? To be frank, this is the game I’m most excited about. But then, I dig weird games and love having new stuff for my Vita. For the general public, this is probably one of the less exciting announcements. It’s good, but it isn’t, say, Dangan-Ronpa good. Generally, I’d say it deserves a 5/10 in terms of hype if you have a Vita, 3/10 if you don’t. If you’re like me though, I’d say 8/10 at least.

steinsgate anime expo
System: Windows
Release Date: TBA
Description: This famous visual novel from 5pb and Nitroplus is a science visual novel adventure. Rintarou Okarin Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, and his friends create a mobile microwave that can send text messages into the past, called DeLorean mails. Of course, working out some kind of time-travel device will attract attention from powerful people, and in this case, a group called SERN gets very interested.
How Excited Should We Be? Very! The Localized version will have the original Japanese voices and the Chaos;Head/Steins;Gate/Robotics;Notes series is known for being an incredible visual novel. I’m tempted to go ahead and give this a general hype rating of 7/10.

tales of xillia 2 anime expo
Tales of Xillia 2
System: PS3
Release Date: 2014
Description: Ludger boards a train to save Elle, a little girl headed to the Land of Canaan. It crashes, and now he’s trying to pay off the debt while working to destroy alternate timelines to keep a spirit named Origin from getting overworked.
How Excited Should We Be? It received a decent Famitsu review and more Tales is always a good thing. So PS3 owners should be reasonably excited. 8/10, hype-wise.

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