$50 gift cards with iPads at Target

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target ipad sale ad june 7 13 2013Okay, let’s say you’re not interested in $50 off a Nexus 7 at Staples. You were bonafide member of the iOS Army. In that case, you should check out the Target ad for July 7-13, 2013. As the front page attests, it wants to lure in people to buy Apple items, by offering free gift cards with any purchase.

To make things easier, I’m going to go ahead over to list form to show off Target’s Apple deals.

  • Apple TV with $10 gift card – $99.99
  • 16GB iPad mini with $40 gift card – $329.99
  • 16GB iPad with $50 gift card – $499.99
  • 16GB iPhone 5 with $25 gift card – $149.99
  • 16GB iPod Touch with $20 gift card – $229

As you can see, you’ll be pretty much set. Target’s ad doesn’t specify, however, if a larger model iPad or iPod Touch would still include the gift card.

Now, with this being GamerTell, you’re probably wondering if there is anything gaming-related on sale. Well, there are a few items, all related to the Xbox 360. For example, a $50 gift card comes with the $299.99 250GB Xbox 360 bundle with Batman: Arkham City and Darksiders II. There are also some XBLA sales, with a 1,600 Microsoft Points Card going for $18.99 and 12 months of Xbox Live Gold going for $49.99 right now.

There’s also a NCAA Football 14 deal. If you buy the PS3 or Xbox 360 game and a 16 pack of a Coca Cola product, you get a $10 gift card. So, since the game is $59.99, it’s almost like you’re getting the soda for free and about $5 off the price of the game. It isn’t a huge discount, but it’s something.

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