Microsoft should thank third party Xbox One developers

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Microsoft is doing a poor job of making people want the Xbox One. I have nothing against them in particular, or their console, but the announcement debacle and constant backtracking on what the system can and can’t do isn’t making the system very appealing. That said, I’m still definitely going to buy an Xbox One. It’s no thanks to Microsoft, though. Nothing they’ve put out has made the Xbox One look good, not even their first-party offerings. It’s all because of the third party exclusives.


There are so many good looking third-party exclusives announced for the Xbox One that it’s hard to pick a selection of them that accurately represent the scope of my excitement. I suppose, however, if we need a starting point, we should start with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Put simply, Titanfall is a first-person shooter centered around giant robots. Having been a Gundam and Transformers fan since the wee years of my life, giant humanoid robots are my favorite thing ever. Titanfall looks to be the game to scratch that itch, considering most other games about mechas end up being just dolled-up first person shooters or brawlers. Titanfall separates itself from the herd by having both on-foot and mecha combat, alongside storyline-integrated multiplayer. I love that I’ll have the option to play as a more mobile human or stomp around in a gigantic Titan, and I’m sure others will too.


The next third-party, Xbox One exclusive that piques my interest is Access Games’ Dark Dreams Don’t Die, or D4. Starring a private investigator with a dead wife, D4 takes mysteries and time travel, two of my favorite things, and smashes them together. Due to unusual circumstances surrounding of the wife’s death, he has temporary amnesia and no recollection of exactly what happened. As a universal trade-off, he gains the ability to travel through time. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal, all things considered. The only problem I have is that Kinect controls are allegedly forced on the player, but it’s a small sacrifice for a title with such potential. Although not much information has been released about this enigmatic, episodic game, the initial buzz is enough to generate substantial excitement that, with time, can only build.


Moving on, another one of my many varied interests is roguelikes. Besides, say, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, however, I’ve been in a bit of a roguelike slump. I just haven’t seen anything good available, but Capybara Games’ Below is looking to change that. Starring a small man on a big island, Below looks to bring an old-school roguelike feel to the modern age of gaming. Featuring supposed “brutal yet fair combat”, good old fashioned dungeon crawling, and permanent death, Below aims to please roguelike fans in the next generation of gaming. Below seems like it will be a sleeper hit; one of those games nobody expects to love but ends up enjoying massively. I know that I’ll be buying it the second it’s out in stores, for one.


Finally, there’s Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break. Though I never played the developer’s previous game, Alan Wake, I’ve heard great things and Quantum Break seems more up my alley. The stars are a handful of special operatives that obtain timey-wimey powers from an experiment gone wrong. For example, antagonist Paul Serene has precognitive powers, while protagonist Jack Joyce is capable of pausing time. As I mentioned earlier, I heartily enjoy anything dealing with time-travel. Quantum Break is yet another game that will have me covered. Although Remedy’s only dropped hints about the story, the trailer is impressive and enough to make me want a Xbox One.

Titanfall, D4, Below and Quantum Break are four games that make me excited about the Xbox One. Even now, with so little information available, they come across as system sellers. I want to own them, and they’re what will sell me on the Xbox One. The third party exclusives look like they are going to be gorgeous pieces of entertainment, and I can’t wait for them to come out. Without them, I wouldn’t be planning on buying an Xbox One, so Microsoft better be thankful that third party developers are stepping up to make the Xbox One an attractive machine.

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