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For years I’ve been an Xbox fan and appreciated the system since it first came on the market. Several of its exclusives like Halo and Fable helped me keep interest in what this new and powerful machine could do. But, ever since the announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft has managed to lose my interest in the system and the company. The unnecessary gadgets, the lack of focus on gaming and some former policies, which didn’t float well with customers, have left Microsoft at a poor start for the beginning of the upcoming generation.

I never really cared for the Kinect all that much. It seemed innovative with its full motion interaction, but for anyone who is just doing pure gaming there isn’t much need for it. Now customers will all be paying more for a little device they don’t want or have a need for. Just as unnecessary is the creepy camera. It automatically turns on as soon as you walk into the room and watches your every move. It even goes so far as to being able to read your body heat.

Judging by the other features Microsoft has been pushing they’re further pushing customers away from the Kinect. In Microsoft’s first presentation of the Xbox One, the company decided to talk about all of the multi-media features it had and made only a few comments about actual gaming for the console. It was able to offer a better of what kind of exclusive games would be available for the Xbox One. The company managed to impress with a few interesting titles, like Below, but seemed filled with the same shooters they always have.

There’s no longer any need to complain about Microsoft’s “always online” and used games policy ever since the company decided to abandon them after enough backlash from their consumers. While this may bring back some potential customers, the amount of resistance Microsoft met with the initial backlash will have them losing several others. Microsoft made it quite obvious as to how they feel about their customers.

Sony and the PlayStation 4 on the other hand have been becoming a much more appealing option. The company is highly focused on actual gaming, is keeping the Move a separate entity from the console and offer services to their customers that aren’t insulting or preventing us from consuming our favorite entertainment. Yes, Sony hasn’t always had the best moments with their customers, such as the data loss incident, but judging by its effort, Sony is definitely trying harder than Microsoft.

It’s taken some time to think about, but I can’t find myself purchasing the Xbox One. What used to be a system solely focused on delivering great game experiences has now just become all about the best way to create the ultimate multimedia home console. The PS4 on the other hand is offering consistency and essentially everything the Xbox One is lacking in order to be a console focused on…well, gaming.

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  • Duane

    dude you are so right. and apple should’ve just focused on phone calls with the iphone too.

  • Michael

    Why do people like you insist on finding something to criticize. Microsoft knows exactly what they’re doing. You are looking to the past and want you’ve always had. But, when Microsoft offers much more, so you start doubting them. You have some stupid logic. This company is providing a better future of technology to our homes. They make it easier and everything is local and more accessible. You still get everything a gamer loves, better and improved, but since they add more options options like tv for you, basically you throw an immature fit over something you clearly don’t understand.