Celebrate Halloween with Laharl and Disgaea D2

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This latest announcement is particularly filling. Disgaea and its direct sequel, Disgaea D2, are all about a Netherworld Overlord, which should strike people as being pretty Halloween-y and mischievious. Now NIS America has announced that, should someone want to, they’ll be able to have Laharl and his crew home in time for Halloween.

That is to say, the launch dates for Disgaea D2 have been announced. I say “dates” instead of “date,” because NIS America publishes in both North America and Europe and has the details for both regions ready. Europe is actually being shown a bit of favoritism this time. The game heads to that region first on September 27, 2013. It’s people in North America who have to wait, as we aren’t getting it until October 8, 2013.

What NIS America hasn’t announced is if there will be a special edition. I would think the release of Disgaea D2 would merit something special. Besides, that is a trend for the company. There’s always a standard release, which costs between $49.99-$59.99, and then some special edition that’s really awesome and costs at least $20 more. I guess we’ll just have to watch the internet for more news.

So, who’s interested? I definitely am. I’m a ginormous Disgaea fan and while I liked Disgaea 2 and Disgaea 4 more than Disgaea and Disgaea 3, I’m going crazy while waiting for Disgaea D2. Maybe it’s because I really enjoyed Disgaea Infinite, and that got me all nostalgic for the original Disgaea crew. Maybe I should go watch the anime series while I wait. I heard it was actually pretty good! You know, for a video game spin-off.

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