Xbox Live Update for the week of July 10, 2013

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xbox_live_weekly_update_image13No sugarcoating it here, this is a slow, slow week in the marketplace. Our only arcade release is Pacific Rim, a fighting game based on the monsters vs. robots flick coming out Friday. Yuke’s, the developer of numerous facepunching titles for the WWE and UFC, is doing the console version. Jump Games is doing another version for smartphones and tablets. I am very excited about the movie,  here’s hoping the game holds up. Players will be able to fight the robotic Jaegers against each other, or monsters. It’s 800 Microsoft Points ($10) to throw down in this offering.

Sticking with the subject of movie-based games, The Deal of the Week includes Battle: Los Angeles for 400 MP. ($5) I believe I started this by telling you it was a slow week. This game didn’t draw reviews much better than the movie it depicts, but it’s a quick 200 Gamerscore.

There is yet more movie-based game news, but it’s the sad kind. It’s time to pour a little of your chosen beverage onto the curb for two XBLA titles that have gone to the great arcade in the sky. Both Days of Thunder and War of The Worlds have been delisted.  I’m going to go ahead and say most gamers didn’t know they were there anyway. Reviews weren’t kind to either game.

Also on sale this week is DLC from Dishonored and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The Knife of Dunwall  is 400 MP, The Dunwall City Trials are 200 MP and the Void Walker’s Arsenal is 160 MP. Dishonored itself is now available in Games on Demand for just $19.99 for Xbox Live Gold members, it’s $29.99 for everyone else. Raiden fans, Revengeance’s Jetstream DLC is 400 MP, Blade Wolf is 280 MP and Raiden’s Custom Body from Metal Gear Solid 4 is 80 MP.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has earned some of the best reviews of any Xbox arcade game in 2013. Inspired by the garrison reset patch for Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has released a patch that does the same thing for Blood Dragon. You can now restore all garrisons to their original infested state, so Sergeant Rex Colt can kill those cyborgs all over again. Welcome to 2007, soldier.

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