Nintendo discussed shutting down Smash Bros. EVO 2013 tourney, not just the stream

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smash-bros.-melee-300x246GamerTell previously told you Nintendo didn’t want a live stream of the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament at EVO 2013. Thankfully, somebody realized free promotion for your company’s products is good, and Nintendo changed its stance. In an interview with One More Game TV, Evo co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar said not just the stream, but the entire Melee tournament was in jeopardy.

Cuellar said after talking with Nintendo reps they finally agreed to allow the tournament, but not the streaming. He left the conversation thinking that was all he’d hear on the matter, then Nintendo reversed course and decided the stream was fine. Cuellar said Evo organizers didn’t bring about the change, gamers did as they expressed displeasure with the Big N.

Interesting story about the tournament: Smash Bros. fans raised $94,000 in a competitive fundraising drive with proceeds going to breast cancer research. It defeated Skullgirls and Super Street Fighter 2 to join the Evo 2013 tournament roster. Perhaps Nintendo did some research. They certainly had to have gotten an earful for Smash fans, one of the most dedicated communities in fighting games.

Nintendo has been making several decisions recently that make it seem as if the company actively hates publicity. It didn’t hold a traditional press event at E3 2013. That was an interesting choice, but the company does have to commit some resources to such a thing.

Here Nintendo didn’t have to lift one of Mario’s flame tossing fingers. The tournament organizers, players and fans did every single bit of the work for them. The developers of lesser known fighters would give anything to get this kind of exposure. A berth at Evo says not only that your game is popular with casual players, but that it is balanced enough for the competitive crowd.

The event takes place at Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and will feature the best fighting game players in the world battling in nine different titles for all kinds of prize money. GamerTell will keep you up to date on Evo’s happenings during this wild weekend.

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