Monster Manor is the best Mii Plaza game

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streetpass mii plaza monster manorOkay, earlier today, I told you that Nintendo charging for the four latest StreetPass Mii Plaza games was okay. I also promised you commentary on the titles, and am coming in now to tell you that you need Monster Manor. Forget everything else. Get around $5 in your 3DS eShop wallet and grab Monster Manor.

This game, developed by Prope, is delightful. Which is to be expected, since the developer made cute games like Ivy the Kiwi? and Fishing Resort. It’s an odd combination of puzzle game and RPG, so let me tell you how it works.

A player’s Mii is a detective, whose agency has been sent to investigate a “supposedly” haunted, 30 floor mansion. The players’ assistant, whose name I’ve already forgotten, went there first and got caught, and now you’re there trapped after her. Fortunately, the trapping isn’t permanent. By collecting “map pieces” from other trapped investigators, you can journey up the mansion to challenge the ghost on the top floor.

The map piece part is where the puzzle aspect comes into play. Each investigator, be it someone you StreetPass or pay 2 Play Coins for, holds a piece. These are arranged on the map grid on the touch screen. If a 4×4 area is made by placing pieces of the same color next to each other, a room is formed. If the player’s Mii walks from one colored area to another, a ghost may be encountered. As you can guess, peoples’ Mii outfit color determines the map piece color. Treasure chests can contain gems, items or new guns.

streetpass mii plaza monster manorYes, guns. Monster Manor has active battles against the ghosts. When someone walks into a room where a ghost lurks, a fight starts. Players have a certain amount of HP and batteries for their weapon, and each ghost is weak against certain kinds of weapons. Players have to time shooting, recharging and shielding to make sure the batteries never run out/are able to recharge fast enough, while also watching their health. The higher you climb, the stronger the ghost. When one is beaten, experience is awarded to level up the gun and make it stronger. Each gun has a cap though, so you’ll want to make rooms to ensure you have a healthy arsenal.

The goal in each area is, of course, to find the stairs. They’re randomly hidden on the map grid and the map pieces must be placed on top of them for them to appear. You don’t have to go up the moment you find them, in case you want to try and make more rooms and thus find more treasure. Just know that when you do go up, your health will be restored and you won’t be able to go back.

I’ve got to say, this game is an absolute delight. I am having so much fun with this game and have to say that it is totally worth the $4.99 price. I don’t want to get into all the games yet, because I think at the very least, Warrior’s Way deserves its own article, but so far I’m happy with my purchase. I went with the $14.99 bundle, and the only one of the group that hasn’t wow-ed me is Flower Town. Anyways, if you’re interested in the new StreetPass Mii Plaza games and can only get one, Monster Manor is the way to go.

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