How to make ugly Animal Crossing: New Leaf neighbors move

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animal crossing new leaf chester
My Animal Crossing: New Leaf village has a surplus of ugly villagers. I like to call them the uggos. Most tragic is the fact that many of them have been with me since the beginning. I’ve been forced to stare at these abominations for weeks. Well, stare no longer! I’ve had it, and begun a forceful mission to escort all the uggos out of my otherwise happy town. Pack your bags Astrid, Coach and Chester! You’re joining Truffles, Rocket and Prince on the train to anywhere but here!

Now, encouraging animals to move in any Animal Crossing game is a tricky thing, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no different. There’s no proven way to really guarantee the creature you hate most in this world is going to go. Still, I’ve found that going out of my way to make certain neighbors’ lives miserable goes a long way in encouraging them to get off of my property! Does that make me a virtual bully? Perhaps, but it also makes my town a better place to live, so I say the ends justify the means.

animal crossing new leaf truffles
Some people will say ignoring animals is key. I say, you have to be more proactive. If you ignore an animal, they may still consider you a “friend” and not know how much you despise them. For me, bullying seems to be the most effective course of action. Push animals into pitfalls. Push them around until they exclaim in fury, then get depressed. Mail them the garbage you fish out of the streams and oceans. I also very highly recommend swatting them with a bug net, even if they don’t have fleas. One of my favorite moments during my “Chase Chester Away” campaign was swatting him with a bug net any time I’d see him, because he’d get all sad and say he felt someone hitting him, then ask what was in my hand.

Doing these nasty things doesn’t guarantee these animals will be the next to go. However, with my systematic hassling of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf uggos, I’ve had a 80%-ish success rate in getting those creeps out of my town. My only failure thus far has been Coach. Let me relate this story to you, as it may help.

I’d been systematically bullying Coach for the longest time. About 3 whole days. Then, one morning, I’m talking to Kabuki and he said he heard a rumor that Coach is moving out of town. Huzzah! Happy day! I then made a point of walking past Coach in town, so he’d get that surprised look over his head that would indicate he had something to say. Finally, it happened. He said he’d be moving out. I then had two dialogue options. I could say the equivalent of, “Good riddance!” or “Please stay!” I told him not to let my net hit him (again) on the way out.

He changed his mind.

animal crossing new leaf coach

Let me repeat that, he changed his freaking mind.

So there’s another lesson for you. If one of your animals tells you another is taking off, then ignore the uggo animal like it’s a plague carrying rat. (Which, I suppose, could actually happen here.) Otherwise, you might talk to him and inadvertently change his or her mind, resulting in more quality time with one of the nastiest beasts in existence.

Hopefully, these little tips help you out. Remember, swat your unwanted animals with nets, push them into pitfalls and mail them garbage. But, if one of the other villagers says that one’s moving, avoid him or her like the plague so it can swiftly slip from both your town and your memory.

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  • CuriousCrosser

    Hello Jenni,

    You may think that I’m crazy, but I would love if Chester would move to my town. Has he completely left your town yet? Let me know if you’re interested in passing him over to me.


    • Jenni Lada

      I’m not quite sure. I’ll let you know after I pop on later today. 😀

  • CuriousCrosser

    Did you end up finding him? :)

  • Chan

    Omg, you’re freaing hilarious. I was dying of laughter when I started reading. LOLL It’s not about appearance though. Oh whoa m I kidding? I’m such a hypocrite. I look for cute villagers sometimes myself 😛 But, you’re funny. LOl Had me rolling <3

  • Chan

    Also, Kabuki is ind of ugly, too. Why don’t you kick him out? Lol He’s weird looking. Scary even o.O

  • Wolfy

    Treating villagers badly does make them dislike you, but they will also spite you in return sometimes. Such as saying theyre going to move out and then changing their mind.

  • http://Yahoo AnimalCrossingFtw

    Why dont you just go to the town hall and demand confrontation from Isabelle? Will that do something? I never tried it myself though, but maybe it will work?

    • Jenni Lada

      It doesn’t. Going to Isabelle changes a neighbor to his/her defaults.

  • Mayor

    This is hilarious! I used to just beat them up for funzies, but now I have a reason to be a jerk! If only mayors in the real world did this. Jk! Haha!

  • vanilla

    you know that if they change their mind, you can turn off your game, find them and they will still break it to you that they’re moving. if they keep changing their mind, or you accidentally stop them, just turn off your game. 😀 hope that helps!

  • http://walmart hudson

    chester has moved to h town thats my town

  • Mango

    Chester was in my town for a long while, he was a fun villager, and I miss him loads.

  • Kyla

    omg! I laughed so hard reading this! Especially when you called them “abominations”. :”D I’ve been hitting Gruff and Sylvia with my net, but no luck yet!

  • joey

    OMG the I’ve been trying to get rid of Egbert for the longest time he moved right in front of my house and he’s an uggo abomination p.s this was soooooo funny

  • Sassy

    Any1 want paula and Antonio if they EVER LEAVE!!!

  • Sassy

    Any1 got Marina that I can adopt x

  • sheryl

    paula is aweful. she always followed me around with her big fat belly! then she moved to my sisters town and did the same thing to her! hahaha. it took me forever to get broffina to move out. I tried ignoring her and it did not work so I was mean to her and she finally left!

  • cheri

    Thanks this really helped me get Claudia out.:-)

  • ACfan84

    Thanks for the tips! I can finally kick Sylvia out and end our on/off relationship. She is always following me and flirting her way into my home. Her temper tantrums will not be missed..

  • chloe

    T-Bone did the same thing Coach did x( My sister was on my game trying to get rid of him by TT for me and she talked to him when he pinged her

  • Felix Teddy

    Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to get Vladmir to move out, it’s not just because he looks weird, but he’s so mean and rude to all of my other villagers! Glad to know I have a chance of getting rid of him, I just got Tipper in my town and even she’s better. Now to go find some cans and tires to send to ol’ Vlad…

  • Milk

    How dare you? Chester and Truffles are precious.

  • Ari

    when the villager you want to move pings you SAVE AND CONTINUE immediately. If they decide to stay, you reset!!!

  • William Churchill

    Must get rid of Truffles…Only Isabelle may have that voice…