Save the galaxy with social networking and a Redshirt

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When something needs to get done, it’s a redshirt that helps make it happen. Sure, they’re incredibly expendable and probably won’t survive the mission, but they have the numbers and make things happen. Now, the indie game Redshirt seeks to prove that it’s these minor players that even keep the galaxy together. How? Via social networking, of course.

Redshirt is a simulation game that centers around an intergalactic networking site. Players are a redshirt on Spacebook whose success hinges on who they know. If they join the right groups, make the right friends, attend the right activities, he or she might not only survive, but thrive. You could end up happy, healthy and productive. Unless you don’t invite your boss to your birthday party. Then, you might not survive your next away mission and the galaxy could plunge into despair. “Likes” never meant so much.

So how important is networking in Redshirt? Well, it can influence your character’s career, for starters. Having the right skills, from being with certain groups or attending certain events, could determine your qualifications. Plus, knowing the Hiring Manager never hurts. Doing well also earns you Karmacreds, which can be used to feed yourself, grab a nice, Robocat pet or guarantees people will come to your special events.

Most intriguing is the fact that The Tiniest Shark, the developer behind Redshirt, is a one-woman operation. Mitu Khandaker is the brains behind this comedic and nerdy endeavor, and has been chronicling the creation of her game via YouTube. In fact, if you’re intrigued, you may want to go ahead and start with the first developer’s log installment.

I’ve only just discovered Redshirt and am now really interested in how this is going to work. I’m going to go ahead and try to get in touch with The Tiniest Shark right now, to find out everything I can about this intriguing, geeky game for all of you!

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