Android Amusements: Where’s My Mickey?

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wheres my mickey 1I’m feeling like going with the flow with this week’s Android Amusements, know what I mean? Especially given the summer heat. So let’s kick off this week with Where’s My Mickey?, Disney’s latest Android app that’s essentially Where’s My Water? with Mickey Mouse, clouds and lava. I can hear your excitement now, “But Jenni! That’s a game that was just released! Can your tablet handle it?” Well, since I just got a Nexus 7 super cheap at Staples, I can.

Though the titles are different, Where’s My Mickey? is a definite sequel to Where’s My Water?, Disney’s Android and iOS hit from last year. The premise is similar as well. In both cases, players are directing water to a character so a certain action can be performed. Except Mickey isn’t trying to take a bath. He’s trying to make lemonade, put out a sentient spark and growing flowers. Especially awesome is the fact that this is a retro!Mickey, as he looks more like he did way back in the day, and I found it quite visually appealing.

This means Where’s My Mickey? has players drawing through dirt, using plant bridges and tapping clouds in the hopes of getting the necessary water to Mickey, while avoiding lava and other hazards. For example, someone may have to guide water to a cloud, via chopping dirt and getting it to a pipe, then remove dirt blocking a wind gust to get a cloud into place, so it can be tapped to rain down water on a switch or to Mickey. Or, that same cloud could be used to block a lava spout so water can safely pass by and reach Mickey. There are 60 initial levels available, and the premise works very well. A cute, animated segment introduces each set of 20 levels, and after each challenge there’s a brief snippet where Mickey attempts to use the water to perform his current task. Controls work well, and as long as you can rub or tap a finger on the screen, you can play the game.

I have to say though, that I feel Where’s My Mickey? is geared towards children. I never felt the levels were too difficult, and the only reason I ever had to replay a challenge was to obtain one of the three stars I might have missed the first time or to dig things up in search of an occasional, hidden collectible. I actually found the original Where’s My Water? more challenging. Perhaps that’s because this installment has only just begun, and more levels are still incoming.

Which brings me to something I don’t like about Where’s My Mickey?. The game starts with DLC available. For a new game that costs $0.99, I’d expect I’m getting everything available at the moment. Nope. Disney already has Van Goofy and Ship Wrecked level packs, starring Goofy, available for an additional $0.99. So if someone wants 100 levels right away, the price for the app doubles. Granted, there aren’t any other in-app purchases, but it’s disappointing that these extra levels are locked behind a payment wall, considering how many other $1 apps offer 100 levels or more at their price.

I would recommend Where’s My Mickey?, especially to parents who want an app that will get their kids thinking while also entertaining them. Just perhaps consider buying the additional episode pack right away, when you first get in, if you’re giving it to a child. That way, he or she will be entertained for at least a week. If you’re someone who hasn’t beaten the original Where’s My Water? yet, then go play and conquer that before moving onto Mickey’s aquatic adventures.

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