Saints Row IV serenades us with full list of voice actors

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saints row iv

Since Saints Row IV previews have been out for a couple of weeks now, we already know that Keith David and Nolan North are voice acting in Saints Row IV. Today, we have the full list of all the wonderful voices that will pleasure our ear holes and tickle our brain stems. Take a look below.

The Cast:

Keith David – As himself

Danielle Nicolet – Shaundi

Jennifer Jules Hart – Shaundi #2

Natalie Lander – Kinzie Kensington

Terry Crews – Benjamin King

JB Blanc  – Zinyak/Phillipe Loren

Michael Dorn – Maero

Neil Patrick Harris – DJ Veteran Child

Yuri Lowenthal – Matt Miller

Arif Kinchen  – Pierce Washington

Tim Thomerson  – Cyrus Temple

Mike Carlucci  – Zach

Rob Van Dam  – Bobby

Rebecca Riedy – Asha Odekar

Andrew Bowen – Josh Birk/NyteBlayde

Michael Yurchak – CID

TC Carson  – Big Tony

Ursula Taherian  – Tanya

Ogie Banks  – Warren Williams

The President:

Nolan North

Troy Baker

Laura  Bailey

Robin Atkin Downes

Diane Michelle

Kenn Michael

Sumalee Montano

 This is an odd mix, in a good way though. Of course we have the always-talented Troy Baker and Yuri Lowenthal here. The odd in a good way choices are pretty damn interesting. Michael Dorn, who most know as Worf from Star Trek: TNG is alongside Neil Patrick Harris, WWE superstar Rob Van Dam and Terry Crews.

With all this talent on board, I sure hope there is a metric ton of dialogue for all of these voices. Perhaps even some references to what each voice actor is known for in the public eye. When Saints Row IV comes out August 20, we will all find out for sure.

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