Relive SDCC 2013 memories with Comic ConQuest

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comic conquest
Ah, the San Diego Comic-Con – an event like this is quite an experience and you’re sure to come away with both good, and maybe occasionally not-so-good memories. (Seriously people, deodorant is a life saver and you can even find it at dollar stores.) This year, when all the fun’s done, you may be able to tap into Comic ConQuest to relive the fun. Yes, somebody’s making a game about a comic convention. No, it doesn’t involve washing attendees, searching for collectibles or protecting special guests. Well, actually, maybe it could.

See, Comic ConQuest is going to be a free-to-play MMORPG. Apparently, it’s a tactical MMO. So those things I mentioned up there? They could be included as side-quests or quests. I don’t know. Details are slim about this adventure at the moment.

What we do know is Comic ConQuest players get to create heroes and heroines who start out as ordinary con-goers. Stuff happens, and everyone gets transformed into whatever star he or she is cosplaying as. All weapons are now real as well. The players then must fight to be the best and join a winning faction so they can get valuable swag and bragging rights.

Right now, Comic ConQuest doesn’t have a solid release date. There is a chance to sign up for early access to the PC version of the game at the official website. Those who do will also get virtual steak knives weapons to use in the game, once it’s launched.

Basically, Comic ConQuest sounds like fanfiction-come-true. Which isn’t a bad thing. It could end up being quite promising and fun. We’ll have to wait and see.

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