Top 5 2013 SDCC exclusives gamers need to have

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sdcc exclusives konami metal gear solid iphone case
Ah, the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. The SDCC has become quite the big event for people of all fandoms, which means gamers better prepare. The SDCC exclusives this year are fierce and you’re going to want to either beg someone you know who’s going to grab you something awesome, or be prepared to stalk eBay. Seriously, this year’s merchandise is primo. Lots of fantastic items are blowing my mind as I stalk through the 2013 SDCC website, and I can’t keep these finds to myself.

No, SDCC exclusives this good must be shared. The world has to know what will be there. You need to know what’s there. Because I guarantee you, you’ll find these are items that you just can’t live without.

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Foxhound iPhone 5 case.

Nothing says both “cool” and “I have cash to burn” like a $100 iPhone 5 case. Enter the Metal Gear Solid Foxhound iPhone 5 case. It’s one of the few really expensive SDCC exclusives that will actually see daily use. Which makes it a little bit more practical. Well, as practical as an aircraft-grade aluminum case is going to get. It’s numbered, has the Foxhound logo on the back and is a collector’s item. Which should come in really handy in case you’re suddenly called in for some super-secret spy activities, and need to make sure your iPhone would survive being run over by a truck.

sdcc exclusives blizzard entertainmentBlizzard Entertainment’s Zergling/Banelings

High on the list of SDCC exclusives we gamers need in our lives is Blizzard Entertainment’s incredibly awesome (and adorable) plush. Starcraft afficionados can’t miss the $35 Zergling plushie. Or is it a Baneling? It’s both! Oh, and there’s an $18 Sylvana micro figure for World of Warcraft players too, but it pales in comparison to the plush Zergling/Baneling.

sdcc exclusives capcom mega man 3ds case
Capcom’s Mega Man 3DS/3DS XL case

Do you own a 3DS? Does it have a case? Well, it needs one. Specifically, it needs one of Capcom’s SDCC exclusives. Presenting, the Mega Man 3DS and 3DS XL metallic case. It looks fantastic, features the blue bomber and celebrates the series’ 25th anniversary. You may not have Mega Man Legends 3 in your 3DS, but at least you can have Mega Man on it. And yes, Capcom has other exclusive items like a $250 Resident Evil watch, Street Fighter x Sanrio Hello Kitties, and more stuff celebrating Street Fighter, Mega Man and Darkstalkers, but the 3DS case is the most practical of the bunch.

square enix play arts kai batman sdcc exclusives
Square Enix’s The Dark Knight Trilogy Play Arts -Kai- Black Metallic Batman.

Did I really need to capitalize this particular SDCC exclusive’s title? Yes. Yes I did. I was almost going to say DC Entertainment’s Batman: Arkham City Hugo Strange figure would be the one Batman gamer-fans would need, but no. This Dark Knight is the one you want. He’s got an exclusive paint job and for $64.99, you’re getting one of the coolest Batman figures out there. If you’re even willing to take him out of the box (Gasp!), he’s got extra hands and weapons to hold for display purposes.

sdcc exclusives namco bandai avi arad pac manBandai America’s Avi Arad Pac-Man.

Ever wondered if Pac-Man could be horrifying? Grab the $25 Avi Arad Pac-Man figure. I like to think of it as a Pac-Man robot. It’s a vacuum metalized figure with a crazy-huge, black tongue that folds out to look like a classic Pac-Man arcade maze. It’s mesmerizing, in a way. Not to mention collectible, since each one is signed and numbered. Oh yeah, we’re going to need one of these.


Okay, I said I was only going to highlight the five best SDCC exclusives gamers can’t live without. And I’ve kept my word. I have. However, this is a great year for gamer merchandise. So if you’re going to be at the show or stalking various shopping sites on the internet after, then you may want to keep an eye out for these items as well.

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