Your gold PSN trophies are as good as real money

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bid for greatness trophies

PSN trophies didn’t really yield any tangible benefits until now. You can now use those virtual accomplishments to bid on real physical items from the PlayStation Greatness Awaits film. However, unlike real money, you get to keep your trophies even if you win the auction. This is really just a chance to prove that you are one of the most dedicated PlayStation gamers around.  Here’s the catch. You can only bid with gold trophies.

The first auction is now live and it’s for a Black Hand costume from Killzone: Shadow Fall. The minimum bid is currently at 541 gold trophies with 22 hours left to go. The next item up for bids will take place tomorrow. It’ll be for an infected Clicker costume from The Last of Us. Some upcoming items include a Dragonborn shield, Captain Kenway’s outfit from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and a Helghast sniper outfit. The final auction will take place on July 30.

This is really something cool for the PlayStation community to take part in. After all, Sony has to do something with all those prop items and set costumes. There’s no way I could place a bid, but good luck to anyone who does!

Source [Bid for Greatness]

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