Someone put Mass Effect in Civilization V

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Steam user Pluvia made my night last night. That’s when I discovered the existence of Mass Effect Civilization V mods. Yes, Pluvia got Mass Effect into my Gods & Kings updated version of Civilization V, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m ecstatic. Ebullient, even. Thank you so, so much!

Here’s how it works. Go on Steam, if you have Civilization V and the Gods & Kings expansion. Check out the Steam Workship: Mass Effect Collection. Click the buttons that subscribe you to every one of Pluvia’s Mass Effect mods, launch Civilization V and click the mods button. Then, enable as many of the Mass Effect civilizations as you want. Set up a game where you’re whichever civilization you’d like, then change the other leaders to people like Wrex, Blasto, Tali’Zorah and Garrus. Last step? Enjoy.

I decided to just mess around with the Mass Effect Civilization V mods last night, and ended up spending two hours in a themed game. I wanted to play as Garrus and the Turians, but for some reason Turians, Salarians and Vorcha weren’t immediately showing up in my mods list, even though I had chosen to subscribe to them/download them. So, I had to be Liara and help the Asaris thrive on a map with Admiral Hackett and the Systems Alliance, Wrex and the Krogan and Tali and the Quarians.

It was going pretty well. Due to the culture boost from Liara, I was gathering natural wonders and advancing at a phenomenal pace. I’d say, she’s a good leader to use if you want a Project Utopia win. Tali was usually pretty friendly, and we entered into Research Agreements at her assistance and even publicly declared friendship. Admiral Hackett was a bit of a jerk. The Asari empire was on a peninsula, and he told me not to settle near him, blocking off access to the mainland. Yet, it was perfectly “fine” for him to settle near me.

The joke’s on Hackett, though. Right before the Medieval Era, Tali asked if I’d go to war against Wrex with her. I said sure, even though I only had the initial warrior group players begin with, as I’d been focusing on expansion and such. We went to war, and about 30 years later, he made peace with Tali. Which was good, because they shared a border. He never made peace with me. He attempted to, asking for two of my four cities to make the treaty go through, but of course I said no. I’m fine with being at war with him though, because he’s a land-locked nation. The Systems Alliance is blocking off the land route from above and if Wrex goes there with troops, he’ll start a war with the heavily-armed Hackett. I have invested in a small navy, just in case, but I think I’m good. nobody’s crossing the ocean to attack me, and Hackett’s greed has created a lovely, protective buffer.

Yeah, I’m getting way too into this. I’m going to go ahead and think that’s a good thing and a testament to Pluvia’s awesome mods. If you’re into Civilization V and Mass Effect, go check them out.

Site [Steam Workship: Mass Effect Collection]

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  • Brian Allen

    Best Mod Ever.