State of Decay making its way to PC sometime in 2013

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state of decay

State of Decay, one of this years big XBLA hits registering over half a million sold, is confirmed for PC release in 2013. When that is, per say, is still up in the air. Over at the Undead Labs forums, Community Director Sanya Weathers explained some details from the live stream yesterday.

Everything you expect a PC version of a game to have will be there for State of Decay. Higher resolution, better graphics and improved framerate will be seen. There won’t be modding tools since time is a factor in getting the PC version out this year, though you can still mod State of Decay without the aid of tools as Sanya points out. Maybe some of the top notch mods will see their way into a title update in the future.

Steam Early Access program will be used for State of Decay in order to get the game out to everyone that’s been clamoring for it since the XBLA release. Controller support will be provided until the final version is released with mouse & keyboard support as well. I typically don’t mind using a controller on PC for most my games so I welcome this from Undead Labs.

The last thing mentioned in the forum post is a big one; Sandbox mode. Of course we have to wait for a couple of weeks for more info, but Undead Labs has already won me over with those two words.

Source [Undead Labs]

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