Pokemon Rumble U figures are GameStop exclusives

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pokemon rumble u
Pokemon Rumble U, Nintendo’s first foray into the NFC figure world that Activision and Disney now know so well, is coming quite soon. So soon, in fact, that it will end up beating Skylanders SWAP Force to the market. Granted, Disney Infinity will beat it out, when it appears on August 18, 2013, but Pokemon Rumble U‘s August 29, 2013 release will give it an edge against at least one of its competitors.

Not to mention, Pokemon Rumble U has other things going for it. The first is, people don’t actually need to buy figures. The $17.99 Wii U eShop can be played, beaten and enjoyed as is. It has 649 Pokemon in it, after all, which covers all characters up to the Pokemon Black and White generation. The additional figures are more of a bonus, for people who want select favorites without having to work for them.

Pokemon Rumble also gets an edge by being a new Wii U game. Wii U owners are starved for titles. I know, as I’m one of them. I’m a fan of the Pokemon Rumble series in general, but even if I wasn’t, I’d probably have grabbed it, just so I’d have a new game.

Finally, the Pokemon Rumble figures are rather affordably priced. Each one will be $3.99 when they go on sale at GameStop. Yup, they’ll only be at GameStop, so make sure you head over if you want one of the 18 adorable, toy pokemon toys. That’s pretty affordable, compared to the $12.99 Disney Infinity single character and $8.99 Skylanders basic figure.

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