Monster Manor’s awesome, but how are the other Mii Plaza games?

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Okay, last week, I caved and bought Nintendo’s batch of new Mii Plaza games. They were $14.99 for each, I already had all the Puzzle Swap pieces (at the time) and I was tired of playing the hard version of Find Mii 2 for those last few hats. I needed more. After that initial purchase, a vocally declared my love for Monster Manor, the Prope-developed game I deemed best of the bunch. A week later, I’m still confident Monster Manor is the star of the bunch, but have found I love every new Mii Plaza game in it’s own way.

Except for Flower Town. Yeah, I’m talking about you. You need to speed things up, get rid of Mr. Mendel and just give me my dang seeds.

mii plaza flower town

Flower Town

Know what? Let’s just knock the worst of the four games out of the way first. It’s Flower Town, a Mii Plaza game where players grow plants with other Miis via StreetPass. Visitors water it and, once flowers bloom, their flowers cross pollinate yours, leading to seeds. There are 20 kinds of flowers in all, and the only way to get new breeds is via this pollination method.

I’ve been playing for a week, had about 30 StreetPasses in that time, and I’ve only grown two kinds of flowers. Insert trollface here.

This Mii Plaza game is slow. Ridiculously slow. So slow that it feels your first five visits must be spent acting as tutorials, explaining every aspect of Flower Town, instead of just having Mr. Mendel say the first time someone logs in, “Hey! Your guests water your plants, then you can choose to grow new plants, decorate your garden by spending in-game coins, use your old plants to complete missions for more money and accessories or sell your plants and seeds.” Nope, you have to go through those things. One at a time. Boring!.

I wouldn’t say I hate Flower Town, but I will say that the other four Mii Plaza games are much better. If you’re not going for the bundle that gives you one game free, then don’t buy Flower Town.

mii plaza mii force

Mii Force

Okay, initially Mii Force didn’t wow me, but I am now thoroughly impressed. This is a shoot’em up from Good Feel and it’s actually the game I spend the most Play Coins on. It’s a surprisingly awesome title where the player runs a ship and each Mii he or she StreetPasses and gathers in the Mii Plaza acts as a weapon. So, say I would StreetPass my mom. (Yes, she has a 3DS.) Her light green outfit would mean her attack is this energy beam that, when fired, reaches out and either grabs gems or locks onto an enemy to unleash a string of attacks until I move out of reach. My neighbor, in his black outfit, has a bomb attack. Players have to gather these people together and arrange them in 12 spaces around their ships to attack enemies. What’s neat is, using the shoulder button moves the collected Miis around the center ship, allowing the player to hit different areas.

Anyway, the goal in each level is to shoot down enemies, collect little gems for points, gather the five big gems the Gold Bone Gang stole and defeat the boss. Some levels mix things up by having a “protect a base” objective before the boss, but you get the general idea.

What’s cool is, the collected Miis also act as HP. A player can keep going as long as he or she has one Mii with a weapon attached to the ship. Even if you do falter, you get three chances with that “Mii Plaza Team” to try and beat the level. Winning gets you a spot on the leaderboard, a ticket to get a new hat/costume from the Mii Plaza shop and maybe a new title.

This game is surprisingly awesome and I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth the $4.99. Just be ready for a fight, as it’s the most difficult of the four new Mii Plaza games. At times, I think it’s my second favorite out of the recent additions.

Warrior’s Way

I used to love Spike Chunsoft’s Warrior’s Way Mii Plaza game. Then, I hit a wall. 15 countries conquered, and my next opponent had a force 10,000 strong. So now, I’m in limbo with about 7,000 troops until I’m mighty enough to face him.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Warrior’s War is a strategic RPG, with a rock-paper-scissors battle mechanic. Players are attempting to conquer 30 areas of an entire country, and must raise an army to do so. This is accomplished by StreetPassing other people. They appear as foreign monarchs and such, and the number of people in their Mii Plaza is the size of their army. Once recruited, the group as a whole represents your new force.

Once people have enough enemies to successfully face an opposing in-game general, they go to a battle scene. First, they divide up their troops, determining how many cavalry (rock), archers (scissors) and lancers (paper) they take into battle. You’ll know what the opposing force looks like, to help judge. For example, the opponent could have a force of 5,000, divided into two groups of archers and one of cavalry. Players then must choose how many archers, cavalry and lancers to take in, and by moving the line on the bar, can see immediately if their troops would be unbeatable in a fight.

When a battle begins, players have to guess which army to send first to face enemies, and the one who wins two out of three skirmishes is the ruler of that land. If the player wins, he or she will also take some of the opponent’s army, or maybe come away with building materials or a ticket to spend in the Mii Plaza on a new outfit.

I was tempted to call this the second best of the new Mii Plaza games but, as I’ve said, it’s easy to hit a wall. Especially if the people you’re passing haven’t accrued many StreetPass hits. Using Play Coins isn’t much help either, as the most you can spend is 15 to get a 750 member mercenary force boost.

All in all, I’d say the new Mii Plaza StreetPass games are worth your $15. Monster Manor, Mii Force and Warrior’s Way will give you hours of entertainment. As for Flower Town, well, maybe it’ll get more entertaining after two more hours.

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  • Tigersue

    Just to say some of us love Flower Town, I’m not so great at shooting games so Mii Force is my weakest of the lot. I do love the mansion game. I do agree that Flower Town is slow but it is something I can easily do where as Mii Force I’m doing the same thing over and over because I’m not good at that game. If you don’t get many tags it is a pain.

  • Patrick

    So here’s the thing. Play coins are EXTREMELY useful for Warrior’s Way. 750 troops may not sound like a lot, but when you upgrade your castle to rank 10 for example you literally get 4500 for 15 play coins. Earlier on it’s 1500 for 15, but the REALLY amazing thing is that you have a chance of getting a larger army than you expect and before you know it you just got 10x the normal troops.

    I only got that twice out of 200 coins, but fact of the matter is I started like 3 or 4 days ago, only had maybe 10 tags total, and I’m almost through my first playthrough and got 50k total troops from just 30 play coins.

    So there’s a risk benefit.

  • sophi

    i hate streetpassing people who also have warrior’s way. they always have dramaticly larger armies and it just feels like a waist because they don’t increase my army ever. at the very least if i great them peacefully they should share some troops like everybody else i streetpass.

    and i hate mr. mendel so much! he ruins the entire flowertown game.

    mii force is pretty cool. but only worth playing if i have enough visitors to get me through the levels at this point. (i’m also not a major fan of this style of arcade shooter anyways…)