San Diego Comic Con 2013: Superior Spider-Man Joins Marvel Heroes

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Superior Spider-ManAt Marvel’s video game panel at San Diego Comic-Con, we found out there are 1.5 million registered users for action MMO Marvel Heroes. The game, from Gazillion and Diablo designer David Brevik, sends players into comic book style action with their favorite Marvel characters.

Of course, superheroes are always changing their duds, giving Gazillion a number of different skins to release. The latest Spidey to appear in the game, isn’t just a skin though. He’s something completely superior. That’s right, true believers. The Superior Spider-Man is coming. His costume will feature the retractable metal legs Spidey has been sporting recently.

If you haven’t stopped by the books lately, you may wonder why he’s rocking extra legs. OK, shortest version possible. Recently Dr. Octopus switched minds with Peter Parker as part of an evil plan. The mind swap gave him access to Peter’s memories, causing Doc Ock to decide he could become a “Superior” Spider-Man. Peter is dead in the books right now, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be better soon.

As an added bonus for those who remember Spidey’s 90s cartoon, actor Christopher Daniel Barnes will return to voice Superior Spider-Man. That, my friends, is gloriously old school.

The first new hero to enter Marvel Heroes post launch is The Human Torch. Ol’ Fireball will boast a whopping 25 superpowers, more than any character in the game so far. Gazillion says to look out for Emma Frost, Luke Cage, Nova and perhaps the most powerful hero of them all, Squirrel Girl.

Marvel is firing up its promotional machine for “Thor: The Dark World” coming November 8. His home, Asgard, is coming to Marvel Heroes as a playable location. I have no inside information, but I think it is safe to say the realm will be in grave danger from Loki, frost giants and other mystical creatures. The game is free-to-play, but most of the really popular heroes, including Spider-Man, will cost you some money.

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