Civilization: The Board Game’s second expansion is Wisdom and Warfare

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civilization board gameDo you love the conquest of Sid Meier’s Civilization but find yourself coming down with carpal tunnel? You can conquer without clicking in the board game from Fantasy Flight Games. Just as in the insanely addictive PC game, players can go from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Two to four players all begin with just one city, one army and one scout. Whether you become the Holy Roman Emperor or mayor of a shanty town depends on how well you can manage your kingdom.

Wisdom and Warfare is the second expansion for this game. Six new civs enter the battle for world domination: the Aztecs, English, French, Japanese, Mongols and Zulu. Marking their arrival are new culture cards, technologies, relics and world wonders.

A new combat mechanic includes strength and health for units. You may not be able to kill enemy soldiers outright, but wounding them can still impact your future plans for domination. Another big bonus are the new social policies. Fantasy Flight spoiled a couple in a blog post. Pacifism grants a bonus culture token at the start of each turn, while allowing scouts to explore huts. Military Tradition benefits leaders who want to raise huge armies. They’ll get a free unit the first time they build an army figure each turn.

Policy cards are dual sided, but game designers didn’t make it easy to change course. Each player starts the game with a single policy in play.  They can add another each time they found a city, up to three. One of the new leaders, Napoleon Bonaparte, played by his own set of rules often. So the French start with two social policies. You didn’t really think Napoleon was going to play fair, did you? Civilization: The Board Game is currently available in stores. Wisdom and Warfare is targeting a release date of August 2013.

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