I can’t resist the Dragon’s Crown Sorceress

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dragon's crown sorceress jerrica
The Sorceress is one of the most controversial characters in Dragon’s Crown, Atlus and Vanillaware’s forthcoming PS3 and Vita action RPG. Looking at that picture up there of her from the status screen, it’s pretty easy to see why. She’s over the top, completely unnatural and a number of people have spoken out about how her appearance offends them. I have to admit that, initially, I was among the haters. Not the most vocal, saying things like, “I’ll boycott this game!” I was more along the lines of, “I’m totally playing Dragon’s Crown, but will never control a Sorceress.”

Jerrica the Sorceress is now my main “character” as I play Dragon’s Crown on my Vita.

How did that happen?

Actually, it began in the name of professionalism. I’m reviewing Dragon’s Crown, and it wouldn’t be right to do so without testing each of the six main characters. After getting through four of the story missions as my original main character, Pixie the Archer, I decided I’d go ahead and do a few missions as the Sorceress. You know, get it over with.

It turns out, she’s an amazing character to play as. In fact, now that I have played as every character in Dragon’s Crown, the Sorceress is the one I use most often. I don’t even care how ridiculous her proportions are anymore. Sure, she’s spilling out everywhere, posing all the while. That doesn’t matter. She can teleport. And fly. And her magic is absolutely amazing.

See, her spells work in two ways in Dragon’s Crown. There’s the standard Sorceress magic, which are neutral magic shots sent off by the square button and elemental spells that vary based on the staff equipped and are linked to the circle button. They’re good stuff, resulting in fireballs, homing blasts, windstorms, icy rings and whatnot. Then, there are the skill spells. These are learned at the Adventurer’s Guild by spending skill points the Sorceress learns as she levels up.

These skill spells are awesome. Learning one gives players an item that can be equipped and allows the Sorceress to use that particular spell a certain number of times in a dungeon. (At the first level, it’s three times.) By learning these, she can obtain ready-to-use ice, lightning, rock, gravity and protection spells.

dragon's crown sorceress
I’m tempted to call her a glass cannon, but that can be avoided with equipment. With the right items, earned from repeating dungeons multiple times, she becomes an unstoppable force. Even the threat of low MP is trivial, as skill points can be spent on abilities like Spirit Up, that increases total MP, Mental Absorb, that restores MP when enemies are defeated, Extract, where using the magic shot restores MP if an enemy is hit, and even a Concentrate MP that lets her restore MP faster.

Oh, and the Sorceress can turn enemies into frogs, and resurrect bones in dungeons to act as her undead servants. That’s just how she rolls.

The fact is, the Sorceress is too useful and intriguing a character in Dragon’s Crown to let a little thing like character art ruin a potentially awesome experience. I still think she looks absolutely ridiculous, but Jerrica is way too cool to ignore. Besides, it’s just a game, and one where every character except for the Magician and Archer look like unnatural freaks of nature.

If you get Dragon’s Crown, give the Sorceress a chance before deciding to block her from your adventure because of her looks. You may become an unwitting fan, like me.

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