Tearaway delay? No way! (Yes, way.)

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Is Tearaway the reason you’ve been wanting a Vita? Well, bad news for you. It’s been delayed. Not a huge delay. It isn’t like we won’t see Tearaway until 2014. No, it’s just been pushed back a month.

Before now, Tearaway was set for October 2013. It was a fact, we knew it and we were excited. Now, it won’t be released until November 22, 2013. On the plus side, we have a definite release date. But, it does mean a whole 30 days more before we get to play it. Which should be cause for many sad faces.

But, then again, perhaps we should be happy about this delay. Look at the timing. Tearaway now comes out right before Black Friday 2013. Which means if you have been waiting to get a Vita for this game, you might be able to snag one for a better price than usual, by waiting for the holiday sale season. I wouldn’t hope for a Tearaway sale, though. I think it’s going to be pretty comfortably set at $39.99 for a while. I don’t see a price drop until at least six months after its release, maybe more.

These things just happen sometimes. It’s sad, but true. On the plus side, Tearaway was sufficiently awesome when I previewed it at E3 2013. At least you can take solace in knowing you’re waiting for a title that is definitely worth the wait.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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