2K Sports Unveils WWE 2K14 Improvements

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WWE-2K14-300x200It looks as if 2K Sports’ acquisition of the WWE license will result in a lot more than just a new logo on the box. 2K Sports has released a list of several changes it will make in WWE 2K14. These include some things that needed to happen for a long time, and I’m excited about what I’m hearing.

New Navigation System

Superstars will move faster now, hopefully bringing the action to more resemble what we see on WWE TV on Monday and Friday nights. All walking, running and dragging motions have been revamped for a more realistic look. Speaking of running, all superstars will now have a starting up animation when they begin running. Thank the wrasslin’ gods, as online matches had deteriorated into a duel of who could spam running attacks the fastest. When Brodus Clay spends most of a match running around at full speed, things have gotten way, way out of hand.

Strike System

Strike combos will be quicker and harder to reverse now, with completing a combo automatically putting an opponent into a groggy state.


This was perhaps the only part of the system I found more annoying than the running grapples. People good at reversals would counter your grapple, then you would counter the counter. Before you know it, what was going on looked more like “The Matrix” than a wrestling match. That might be realistic in a match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. If the Big Show is suddenly an amateur wrestling specialist, that doesn’t look right. Now wrestlers will counter grapples by doing a move of their own. This should speed matches up, and make things more exciting.

Catching Finishers

The ability to catch an opponent with moves such as the RKO is straight out of WWE programming. But once you had a finisher, nobody was crazy enough to jump off the top rope and let you hit it. WWE 2K14 adds a couple of more ways to land them. You can send the opponent off with an Irish whip, then land the finisher on their return. Certain moves will catapult the enemy into the air, allowing you to hit a catch finisher.

More OMG Moments

OMG Moments are one of my favorite additions to the series in recent years. These are the chant starting moments during the match everybody is talking about the next day. They include superplexes that collapse the ring and spears through the ringside barricade. It’s one thing to pin your friend, it’s entirely different to put him through the top of a cage or the announcer’s table. New OMG Moments include ring apron DDTs and kicks to the head against the ring post.

Tag matches and handicap matches are often defined by those moves that allow one guy to take out two opponents. WWE 2K14 will add the Double Attitude Adjustment, Double Shellshock and Double Chokeslam. In one on two matchups, a superstar such as John Cena often has the other team right where he wants them.


WWE 13 suffered from a surprising lack of two counts. The only time you see a one-count on TV is when a heel goes for the overconfident pin. The latest WWE sim will address this, and now you and your friends can practice saying “Two and a half!” in the commentator’s voice of your choice.

Combine all this good news with the inclusion of The Ultimate Warrior, and WWE 2K14 may be a true rebirth for the long running sim. It arrives on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 October 29, 2013.

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