Capcom’s let me down with Deep Down

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deep down
Et tu, Deep Down? No, that’s wrong. The game isn’t the one to blame. It’s just a game. It’s Capcom that has let me down with Deep Down, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I got my expectations up and hoped for a Dragon’s Dogma successor. Capcom’s usually all about getting as much money as it can out of its customers, and making Deep Down an offline, Dragon’s Dogma successor probably wouldn’t be as profitable as the reveal that it is now an online RPG.

I mean sure, you can suck extra cash out of people with offline RPGs. Offer enough DLC options, perhaps by having people pay for things that would normally been standard, and some people are bound to pay. But with an online RPG, there are so many more options. Perhaps a monthly fee to play. Microtransactions. The list is endless. Call me cynical, but now that I know Deep Down is online only, I can’t help thinking it’s all about the money.

Of course, it isn’t just the monetary part that worries me. It’s the fact that online seems to be pushed into everything lately. I wonder what will happen if someone wants to play Deep Down alone. Will there be certain quests that can only be overcome by teaming up with other people? What if you don’t know anyone else playing? I’m the only person I know right now who’s definitely buying a PS4. I don’t want to have to rely on friends or strangers to play my game. Especially if it’s a game that’s slightly spooky. I want to face my fears and go it alone.

Then, there’s the future to think about. What happens when the servers go down? If Deep Down isn’t a success. We go through what MAG players will soon experience. We suddenly become proud owners of a game we can’t play. Granted, this probably won’t happen for a few years. Deep Down players should hopefully be safe until at least 2016, maybe even 2017, but still. If something happens to Capcom or the company decides enough people aren’t playing, the game’s over for everyone.

It’s just disappointing that Capcom had to go this route with one of its first PS4 games. Hearing this news turned Deep Down. I was excited for into something I’m not sure I want to play. Sure, I won’t make any snap decisions now. I’ll wait to see how it looks when it’s playable at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show and to hear if there are any offline options, subscriptions and such, but I can’t help worrying that Deep Down could fall further.

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    “I’m the only person I know right now who’s definitely buying a PS4.” I think it’s time the author found some new friends.