Double Fine’s Dropchord puts the rhythm in your thumbs

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Double Fine released its latest game this week for PC, Mac (with Leap Motion installed), iOS and Android. It’s called Dropchord and it’s a very different kind of game than what we’re used to from Double Fine. Dropchord is a rhythm game where you have to intersect circular notes with a beam of light. Each of your fingers control about half of the light beam. You can get the beam to move directly up and down if your use your thumbs in unison, or move on part of the beam by itself with one thumb. Here’s the tricky part. You have to avoid red objects called scratches in order to progress through the stages. If you run into the scratches, your health will decrease until the game ends.

The most important aspect of Dropchord is its music. Each level has its own electronic soundtrack, and there are 10 songs in all. You probably won’t make it to the end on your first few tries, but you will learn the patterns of the notes and how to best control the beam.

There are two gameplay modes in Dropchord. There’s the Standard Mode that separates everything into levels, and Full Mix Mode just keeps going until you lose. The longer you last, the more difficult the game becomes.

Dropchord can be purchased for $2.99. If the visuals don’t look very sharp on your device, go into the game’s settings and bump up the graphic level. When I downloaded it on the iPhone 5, I needed to increase the graphics all the way up to the “future” setting.

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