Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta only lasts 3 days

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final fantasy xiv a realm reborn
I have a pretty clear case of good news, bad news for you today, and it involves a tweaked MMORPG quite a few people are excited about. The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta has been announced, and you’ll be able to play it next weekend on your PS3 or Windows PC! That’s the good news.

The bad news is, the Final Fantasy XIV open beta will only be open for a single weekend. Yes, you only get from August 17-19, 2013, to determine if you enjoy the game. If you’re really interested, you may want to clear out that whole weekend to determine if this is the MMORPG for you. It took me at least two weekends during the closed beta to really get anywhere with my Mi’quote and decide that I genuinely enjoyed the game.

Even though this open beta period is short, I recommend trying to give Final Fantasy XIV a chance. As you may recall (or not), I played a bit of the game during the closed beta, and I genuinely enjoyed myself. Like, so much that I’m almost considering actually paying the monthly subscription to play. Which is huge for me, because I have never paid to play a MMO before.

If you enjoy your time during the super-brief open beta of Final Fantasy XIV, you can pre-order and get into the early access group. People who pre-order can start playing the PS3 or PC version on August 24, 2013. Don’t get too excited about that jump start, though. Like the open beta, it only lasts three days. The relaunched MMORPG is open to everyone starting August 27, 2013, so it isn’t like you’re getting a huge boon.

As mentioned earlier, August 27, 2013 is the official launch day. It will cost $29.99 for PC owners to play, and PS3 owners have to pay $39.99. Just remember that, in addition to that, you’ll be paying at least $12.99 per month to play. So as inocuous as that fee may be, it’s going to get you in the long run, should you really get into Final Fantasy XIV and decide to keep playing for a few months, or maybe even years.

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