Humble Bundle isn’t so anymore, and that’s sad

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humble bundle
The Humble Bundle used to give gamers a chance to get excited about lesser known games, while giving independent developers a chance to soak up some adoration. Plus, charities always benefit from each bundle, what with buyers getting a chance to decide who’s most deserving of their money when making a purchase. Sadly, that isn’t really the case any more. Sure, there’s still a big Humble Indie Bundle coming around two or three times a year, but the most recent offerings have all favored bigger developers and publishers.

It all started with the Humble THQ Bundle. That’s when Humble caved and started letting major publishers into the game. At the time, it didn’t seem so bad. THQ was in financial trouble, and consumers were getting a lot of great games for whatever they were willing to pay, but now we’re seeing Double Fine, Deep Silver and Origin bundles, and it doesn’t feel right.

Humble Bundle is at its best when it’s promoting independent developers. You know, the people who could actually use the boost in sales and attention that come from being part of a bundle. Double Fine, Deep Silver, EA and THQ didn’t need the Humble Bundle the way other companies do. It’s a shame to see them getting more promotion that could serve others much better.

And while these major Humble Bundles are helping people get a number of major releases for ridiculous prices, there’s another drawback. When indie games are part of a Humble Bundle, they 100% belong to the consumer. People are getting DRM-free games and, if they pay over $1, Steam keys as a bonus. With the major bundles, people are only getting either Steam keys or, in the case of the latest Humble Origin Bundle, Steam and/or Origin keys.

I know that it’s a difficult thing to complain about. Especially since I’m rather hypocritical about the whole affair, as I just chipped in $1 so I could have Dead Space and Dead Space 3. It just feels like it goes against the whole humble aspect of the Humble Bundles. I guess I just wish the Humble Bundles hadn’t sold out. What do you think? Is Humble Bundle going too far, by teaming up with the likes of Deep Silver and EA? Or is the expansion of its sales horizons something we should applaud?

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  • Ramtin

    Directly from “Origin and EA are donating their share of the proceeds from this bundle to the following charities! ” I dont think this is a sellout
    They are doing a great thing helping out charities :)

  • http://efsscfsfsd sxcd

    Charities are benefiting either way so I am fine with it

  • Michael

    I think it needs to be a mix. With the EA one all proceeds are going to charity unless you tip the Humble staff. Yes EA is using it as a way to get people to use origin but 5 out of the 8 games give codes for Steam.

  • Mike C

    While I’m similarly disappointed to see large game houses being featured on Humble, the current Origin bundle’s proceeds are only going to charity and Humble itself (Humble Tip).

    It’s nice for Indie developers to get a boost, and I have very little respect for Electronic Arts, but you have to admit that giving these games away for charity may not be so far from Humble’s own origin.

  • blflotilla

    I honestly don’t see a problem. EA is getting 0% of the profit on this. EA is doing this to push Origin(brilliant marketing, by the way). If they were taking profit then I would have a problem with this. I understand that people think that they have “sold out”, but honestly, AAA games at unbelievable discounts with all the profits going to charity? How can ANYONE complain. Humble Bundle aren’t going anywhere, these 2 types of bundles can co-exist quite nicely together. A great side-effect of these bundles is that they give the spotlight to which, in turn, gives the spotlight to the indie developers when the next indie bundle rolls around. Win-Win-Win all the way around.

  • HarryStylesFan47

    Whats really the problem with this? Humble weekly sales provide plenty of indie games, as do the indie bundles which come round occasionally. The frequency of bundles has risen dramatically, so its not really a problem.

  • jeremiah

    Wow kind of stupid post, since most off the indie games get considerable recognition from other places, and I have bought many indie games from humble bundle. but I love getting triple a games for a dollar. Humble bundle never sold out, and will never, if charity gets the money it deserves. No one said they had to humble bundle indie games all the time. and isn’t that what the weekly sale is for?

  • Brian

    I was kind of thinking the same thing about the sales. I was thinking how are some of the games they are selling Humble or Indie? If they want to feature non-humble games, they should start another brand like not so Humble Game Bundle.

  • Scott

    What a one sided article. I can see where you’re coming from but you’ve missed the larger focus of the idea behind the humble bundle and that is the charity. They’ve raised millions for charities through a scheme that benefits everyone, the gamer, the developer, and charities. Yes their model has evolved to include larger brands instead of exclusively indie games, but not the their exclusion.
    Get off the soap box, take a step back, recognise the good that they do, acknowledge it, and praise it. Then as a side note say you wished it were still exclusively for indie games.

  • Scott

    wow, refusing to post my comment even though it wasn’t abusive? didn’t like the fact that I was pointing out your biased nature in the comment?
    Way to go for professionalisim and an open forum.

    • Jenni Lada

      Sorry. Your comment has been posted. We just had an issue with our commenting system for a time.

  • Charlie

    Nah, I’m happy they are doing it (for charity is a bonus!)

    …so long as it doesn’t take away from the indy bundles. If you showed me data that indy devs were being hurt by this, then I could get a little worked up about it. My uneducated guess is that this is very blue ocean-y, but let us know if you have some data indicating it is not.

  • CleanFun

    Humble bundle aint so humble anymore. Pay what you want? How about pay $18 to unlock an unfinished game. Out with the old, in with the new.