WWE chooses two Daniel Bryan alternate covers for WWE 2K14

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WWE 2K14 Daniel Bryan In late June, WWE held a contest on Twitter asking for submissions for the alternate cover art for WWE 2K14. After nearly two months, winners have been selected for both the North American and international versions of the game. Shockingly enough, both alternate covers created by Mike Rodriguez and Alexis Zankowitch feature Daniel Bryan. Although Daniel Bryan is definitely one of the best straight-up wrestlers in WWE, I can’t help but feel the choice to put him on both covers was more of a business decision than anything else. 

For those who don’t follow wrestling, here’s how I see things. Daniel Bryan is a great wrestler. He has managed to become one of the top stars in the company despite being let go earlier in his career. His popularity exploded this year as he gradually turned from an arrogant heel to an unprecedented fan favorite. He’s also going to be in the main event at SummerSlam this Sunday when he wrestles John Cena for the WWE Championship. The bottom line is Daniel Bryan is on a hot streak. I think putting him on the domestic and international covers of WWE 2K14 is a sign of the WWE’s continuing commitment to him. If Daniel Bryan weren’t the hottest thing going in the company right now, someone else would be on the cover regardless of the die-hard fan’s devotion to him.

Personally, I would have liked it if two different superstars graced the domestic and international covers. If they were going to go with Daniel Bryan for both, they should have at least used an updated photo of him internationally. His beard is much more epic now than it was months ago.

Source [2K Games]

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