Crew Mode returns in NBA 2K14

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nba-2k14-cover2K Sports says there is one feature gamers have asked for repeatedly since it left the NBA 2K series. That is Crew Mode, which allowed you to take your created player online and find a squad to play with. All those folks that vowed never to play NBA 2K again until Crew returned, get ready to pick up the latest game.

Crew Mode is back in the game for the first time since NBA 2K11. The omission immediately drew scorn from dedicated players, and 2K was slow to address its absence. It finally released a statement saying Crew Mode was getting an overhaul to improve online performance and remove exploits. NBA 2K’s single player mode has been the stuff of legend for years, but its online play has been a huge weakness. NBA 2K13 showed much improvement in that regard, so that may explain why 2K is confident enough to bring the mode back.

The new consoles are uncharted territory, and it’s understandable why Crew Mode might not turn up there. During launch, we’re all still learning what the new machines can do. That applies to game designers too. Though we’d expect the new consoles to bring us the best experience we’ve had in gaming, it takes a while to find the perfect balance. The underwhelming launch of Madden 06 is a prime example.

Those planning to adopt their latest basketball sim on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 be warned, Crew Mode is only coming to current gen consoles. Other features in 2K14 include European League teams, living rosters powered by STATS, Inc. and a My Team mode offering single player and team tourneys.

Defensive AI has been increased, allowing for the blocking of dunks among other things. NBA 2K14 arrives October 1 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later in 2013. In what is becoming a familiar refrain, no Wii U version is planned.

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