Points From The Bench: Fantasy Football Week 1

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peyton manningThe week we’ve been waiting for since February has arrived at long last. Here’s hoping you won your initial fantasy matchups, which would mean you didn’t play against Peyton Manning. We can safely say his neck, shoulder, throwing arm and commercial pitchman prowess are at full strength. Fantasy owners’ biggest complaint was that the Denver game did nothing to straighten out the mess of Denver’s three-headed monster (and by monster, I mean toothless puppy) at running back. I’d argue we learned everything we need to know. Everybody short of Denver’s waterboy caught a Peyton Manning touchdown, except any of his runners. Don’t trust them.

It was a sad week for the running backs by committee we most needed info on. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell were the low spots of an upset win for the New York Jets. The same is true for Daniel Thomas and preseason darling Lamar Miller. Only Thomas’ 1-yard TD plunge offered any tangible proof the Miami Dolphins have running backs on their roster.

The  second leading rusher in the NFL right now is quarterback Terrelle Pryor. That’s not how things are going to finish, but it does show the athletic QB trend is taking over the league. Rushing yards from your QB count just as much as the ones from running backs do. Pryor’s rushing performance put him over the 20 point mark in standard scoring. If you are not sure about your no. 2 guy, both he and Buffalo’s E.J. Manuel are worth picking up. Playing in any daily or salary cap oriented contests, mobile QBs are a safe way to get decent points without breaking the bank.


Player of the Week: Yeah, who else? Manning’s 7 TD, 462-yard performance with no INTs was the stuff of legend. If anything close to that happens to the Ravens again, Ray Lewis may try to pull a Brett Favre.

Bust of the Week: There were many candidates. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson got victimized again by his own rule, costing him a TD that would have helped his horrid stat line. Maurice Jones-Drew vanished, but Blaine Gabbert is as much to blame as anyone.

No, it has to be David Wilson’s two fumble performance, part of a whopping six turnovers for the New York Giants. With Andre Brown’s injury clearing a path to no.1 fantasy back status for Wilson, he promptly put it on the carpet. The Giants signed Brandon Jacobs, who wasn’t in the league, to shore up the position. Don’t bother walking to the stage to accept your trophy, David. We’ll send someone sure handed (obviously not any of the Giants) to bring it to you. Making things worse, Wilson took to Twitter to defend himself against the haters. Well, at least he didn’t drop the laptop. We think.

Whether you won or lost Week 1, take whatever point total you racked up with a grain of salt. I had a reader talk to me about how to get rid of Cam Newton. Take a deep breath and don’t be so quick to lose faith in players you spent your first few picks on.

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