Pokemon: The Origin takes us back to Red and Green

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pokemon: the origin
Show of hands, who here grew up with the Pokemon anime and is actually willing to admit watching it. Liars, you know we all saw at least one episode of Pokemon, growing up, and we’re probably all going to at least watch the trailer for Pokemon: The Origin. Yes, Nintendo’s announced a retelling of the original Pokemon games at the 2013 Pokemon Game Show in Japan last weekend. We’re going to see the events of the original Pokemon on-screen again.

A worldwide-debut of Pokemon: The Origin has yet to be announced. However, it will air in Japan on October 2, 2013 as a TV Tokyo special. Which probably means fan-translations will show up online within a few days. It’s a one shot special, that will follow the events of Red and his Charmander as he takes his first steps as a Pokemon trainer.

But enough talk, let’s go ahead and watch the official Pokemon: The Origin trailer and see how it looks.

I’m digging the art style, and it initially seems to have a lot more style than the original Pokemon anime. Plus, there are plenty of familiar faces! There’s Oak in the beginning, Red and Green have a friendly rivalry. Lance, the Elite 4 Dragon master, shows up and Brock is the first gym leader, naturally.

In short, Pokemon: The Origin is a nostalgia-fest. Even if you didn’t watch the original cartoon, gamers with a love for all things Pokemon may want to watch this retelling. And don’t even think or worry about it being trapped in Japan. This is Pokemon we’re talking about here. While Pokemon: The Origin may be a TV Tokyo special now, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be released worldwide. I doubt it will actually be aired on TV outside of Japan, but I’m sure it will get a DVD release.

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